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Hey! Now you know this new ‘Drawing WIP‘ process I kicked off recently? Yeah well I never said it would […]

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Harley Davidson Road Glide: Drawing WIP

Rowdy howdy as we used to say in South Australia 🙂

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Harley Davidson 1936 Knucklehead WIP

G’day. This week’s Drawing WIP has a bit more progress to speak of than previous. Some might even say it […]

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Harley Street Glide WIP

A new idea occurred to me the other day, a new idea is about sharing drawings as they happen. I’m giving […]

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How an Internet Troll turned into a Podcast interview

Can I tell you a secret? I hate the sound of my own voice. So when Larry from the podcast Creative […]

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Learning about Harleys and getting flamed by Trolls

Yasuo! My Dad was a greek Cypriot, and Mum was English, he loved Indians, and she loved bikes and boys. What […]

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First Impressions - Arai Signet-Q Pro Tour

I dunno exactly how this happened but for whatever reason I have always found myself wearing Shoei helmets, but no […]

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Review: VikingCycle Asger Motorcycle Jacket

G’day. Usually when I review something here on Daily Bikers you can be 100% sure that it is something that […]

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What does the colour of your motorcycle say about you?

I spend quite a bit of time looking at colour charts and colour matching using Copic Marker’s colour rendering system […]

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Choosing an Exhaust for a BMW R1200GS

At first I was pretty happy with the stock pipe on my BMW R1200 GS, but after about 7,000kms I […]

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Just Ride

Night Stalking Merge Lanes and the Joy of Tipping In

It’s been an excellent eight months living with the GS, I’ve done a fair amount of different kinds of riding […]

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Carpe diem: a day adventuring on the Triple Black GS

I keep running across this mindful thing of late, it’s really stuck with me through these past few months when […]

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Three mental motorcycle videos

YouTube has changed the way we view the world in ten years. We capture moments from our collective lives and […]

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BMW 1200 GS vs Desolation

This video was posted on MotoFire and I liked it enough to reshare. Most of all for the post apocalyptic […]

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Wet Weather Motorcycling and How To Get Over It

I’ve got a little secret to admit. I used to hate riding in the wet. I used to pretend I […]

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Yes, that was me on The Chaser!

Sorry that my shop page isn’t currently live here on the menu but you can find all my of best […]

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Men & Women Who Ride & Write Motorcycle Blogs: A Roundup

G’day fellow motorcycle fiends. Blogging is a strange art, a silly electronic diary of our own internal diatribe – motorcycle […]

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Helmet rapping and not running people over on your motorcycle

Wassup? I’ve been listening to the new Drake album, Views, and I’ve taken to singing along, sorry, rapping, in my […]

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