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Stocking my Dream Shed

Stocking my ‘Dream Shed’

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It’s important to have dreams, they keep us pushing ourselves to be better.


This week I’m doing a response to BanditRiders ultimate ‘Dream Shed’.


After some confusion over terminology around sheds and garages I decided to publish my list too.
Something to tour on

Ducati Multistrada Gran Tourismo

It’s easy to see why I’d pick this bike for my ultimate touring dream shed bike. I’ve already got a Multistrada and the GT is just the specked-up big brother touring model that frankly, every Multi really should have been.


dream shed Multistrada1200S_Granturismo


I’ve ridden a few other big tour bikes and the Multi is my all time favourite, it is seriously so much motorcycle in one. The only thing I guess really stopping it being truly ultra ‘multi purpose’ is that smallish, road-focused front wheel providing limited clearance for true adventure riding… which leads me too…

Something adventurous

BMW R1200 GS Adventure

I’ve actually ridden a GS around a good bit of Scotland and the UK while on holiday two years ago, and, strangely, hated it. It was soft and floppy and steered really lazy, the acceleration was spongy and weird and even after 1,000 miles of some of the best lochs, I still couldn’t come to terms with it.


dream shed BMW-R1200GS-Adventure-08


But all of the things I hated then on the 2012 GS model, they pretty much fixed in the 2014 semi water-cooled boxer GS Adventure, and there is no denying that this bike has earnt its place as THE touring adventure bike to own if you are going around the world on two wheels. I’m not going to name drop, just gimme a brand a new 1200 GSA and let’s hit the road.

KTM 1290 Super a Duke R

I love just about everything about this bike. Its near perfect power to weight ratio, its aggressive futuristic looks, and of course that raucous twin power I’ve become addicted to. This bike is my kind of fast and naked. In black.



As a backup though, I’ll just add that if we are talking fast as in top speeds, then I’d go a Hayabusa. I’ve never had a ride on one, but revered as a top speed missile, I’d have to put one in my dream shed. Just to clarify, for 0-200 acceleration, I’ll take the KTM, for top speed I’ll take the Busa.

Something hooligan

MV Agusta Brutale 800 Dragster

If you’re gonna noon, you gotta go street bike naked. And if you’re going to hoon, you need that triple power curve, hooked up to a lightweight trellis framed naked to really tear it up. Throw in a big fat back tyre and we’re good to go. Just get rid of that floating rear guard FFS. Gimme!



Something rare

1987 Honda VFR 750R – the legendary RC-30

I’ve always wanted an RC-30. That single sided swing arm and perfect white wheel that it’s infamous for and something about World Superbike Championships… It says something about my age because the other classic collectible for me, is the Ducati 916.



Something crazy

Tron Bike

You said something crazy.


Well this thing is Batshit Crazy.


Tron Bike


Something dirty

Yamaha XTZ660 Tenere

I’ve grown fond of big twins, and big singles, or thumpers as I prefer to call em. The 660cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC 4-valve engine that powers the XT 660 range is ‘best practise’ in this range for its simplicity, reliability, weight and oomph factor.


It’s currently powering a little motard called the MT-03 I had a test ride on recently and quite liked too. Importantly it’s much smaller and lighter than a GSA or a Multi making it a lot easier to handle flicking it around in the mud 🙂



Something to haul with

Mercedes G 63 AMG 6×6

The Uni MOG is the biz and we all need one, stat.


Then I found this.


Mercedes G 63 AMG 6x6


I was initially thinking the G Wagon, until I realised four wheels just ain’t enough. This thing is mental but keeps four doors (so enough room for a few mates), and a decent size tray (for a couple of motorbikes for when we get there). 400kw of AGM power via a 5.5L V8 Biturbo donk, six wheel drive with five independently lockable diffs, I’m sold. Take my 1.35 Million dollars.


If you are going to go literally anywhere, may as well do it in style. Just better strap those bikes down good.


It’s a dream shed, sky’s the limit, what’s in yours? Leave me a comment beloooooow.

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