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The Ultimate Motorcycle Jacket

The Ultimate Motorcycle Jacket: Icon Raiden DKR

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Is wearing a jacket once long enough to draw a conclusion on its superiority?


I just got an Icon Raiden DKR jacket from RevZilla and I am so impressed, so incredibly blown away after just one wear that I’m calling it; after just one single test ride wearing it. It’s that good.


Doing a proper review is basically pointless anyways cause the folks at RevZilla do the most thorough video reviews of all gear, that my point of view is basically rendered moot.


But it’s my point of view and I come here for kicks, so here’s the deal.


This jacket rocks.


It’s easily the best jacket I have ever owned, and even though I have only worn it once I already know this to be truth.


It’s superiority is so superior that all my other jackets just got put to rest on eBay to cover the cost of this and probably another one so I have matching jackets for each bike I own.


I’m not kidding.


The minute you slip it out of the fancy RevZilla box and take hold of it with both hands while feasting your eyes on its incredibleness you will know I speak the truth.


The material is made from Adamatium or something so similar its not worth looking into it any further. The styling is akin to being wrapped in a black bear skin that you tanned yourself and took as trophy of you manhood.


You will look cooler than the Stig in this jacket.


More than look, you will feel cooler than Iceman in Top Gun, or Vanilla Ice in Ice Ice Baby.



I kid you not, ladies will throw their panties at yo face, fellas will flog their chops while staring at your coolness. How embarrassing.


And if you should fall off your metal pony whilst riding in this most magnificent jacket, then fear not. You will slide only minimally and your skin will not graze upon the black tar of satan’s farts, because it has fierce D30 impact protectors in the back, shoulders and elbows.


Zips are not those that you find on a cheap Taiwanese fanny pack for poofters either (it’s ok, I can say that as I am slightly gay myself), no, these are zips that Vikings used back in the days when it was quite PC to take magic mushrooms then go rape & pillage your nearest neighbour screaming ‘There Can Be Only One!’


Technically speaking I believe them to be called YKK waterproof zippers but who really knows what that friggen means? In laymen’s terms, they are big arse tooth zippers that you can fondle via gloved digits easily.


This glorious garment also caters for the harsher climates of the arid deserts we call home in Australia with 2 chest vents, yes that’s right mofo, TWO, and 2 pit vents for venting your stinking manhood and a rather large exhaust vent.


Of course it is waterproof you idiot. How could anything of such superiority not be? It can’t.


This is.


This jacket is the only jacket worth owning. Sell everything you own and buy one immediately.


Until next time, don’t crash.

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Jim D. Smith
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