Two Bikers Riding All Over The Internet



Beneath the visor

Daily Bikers is a just another motorcycle blog about life with motorcycles at its core. I like to write about motorcycle stuff, short stories from my past, reviews of stuff that has caught me at the exit in the gift shop, and I also welcome guest bloggers along for the ride.


Yup, that’s me, and I started riding motorbikes when I was four in rural South Australia, and for the most part I’ve been riding ever since. 


A confirmed Dude Who Digs Dudes I’ve got no kids, so I spend all of my money on bikes and stuff for bikes. Lately with some health issues to deal with I’ve taken a sabbatical from the 9-5, and started illustrating again.


My sister egged me into it actually, and when I thought about doing bikes and gift ideas for motorcyclists, it all kinda just made sense. And that is how the Daily Bikers shop was born. Gift ideas for motorcycle fans. I’m a genius! 


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