Two Bikers Riding All Over The Internet

Brothers, motorcycling is in our blood

I’ve been trying to find old photo’s of me on my first motorbikes.   I can’t remember exactly how old I was when I got my first one, thanks bloody stupid MS memory. Then I found this old pic of me and my two brothers, with my mum’s writing on it “Adam, Daniel and Greg,… Continue reading Brothers, motorcycling is in our blood


There are a lot of ways to go about buying a motorbike; some are tried and true, some are a long, careful process, and others are just, well, not recommended. True to form, I went the unbeaten path and bought sight unseen, un-sat-upon, unlicensed and-ridden.   It all started 3 weeks into my 2-wheeled life,… Continue reading I SAW A NINJA, ONCE

Welcome To The Daily Bikers Blog

Welcome to our new site, a place where people from anywhere in the world can talk about motorcycling.   I started a motorcycle blog when I fell in love with my first Ducati. January 1 2011 I launched Through that blog I met heaps of people infatuated with the brand Ducati and I made… Continue reading Welcome To The Daily Bikers Blog

Awesome Free Motorbike Wallpapers

If you are anything like me you change your desktop wallpaper. All the time. To a new motorcycle of course!   If that is you then you are gonna love these free wallpapers from our friends over at BikeExif one of my favourite bike sites.   These are artist impressions which just makes them all the more cooler in my book.… Continue reading Awesome Free Motorbike Wallpapers

Drifting Gymkhana

I can’t get enough of this stuff.   I wish I could do it!   

Stunt Rider With A Lot Of Energy

Been really getting into watching stunt riders ham it up lately.   There are a bunch of young guys rising to the top and pulling of stunts that no one has ever dreamed of before.   Check this dude out.   Freakin awesome!


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