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The Motorcycle Coloring Book for Adults

The Motorcycle Coloring Book for Adults

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Trying to find the right product to ‘crack it’ in terms of sales is pretty tough. To get anything to ‘go viral’ takes a really outstanding product that fills a gap, answers a question, or is something that everyone needs.


There is no one formula that guarantees it, so I keep practising, reiterating and thinking about products to make with my drawings that people in the motorcycling community, or family/friends of motorcyclists would likely buy as a gift for motorcycle fans. That is the question that I am trying to answer.


So far the large majority of sales I’ve made have been on my Etsy store to women. Women who are looking for presents and cards that are different, and targeted at men who share the same passion as me, motorcycling.


Coloring Books For Adults

With that in mind I turned to colouring books. Mostly because I thought it was fun to do myself, but also because I reckon it would make a great gift if you’re into motorcycles. Kill hours in those boring work meetings colouring motorbikes instead 😀


Then out of nowhere “colouring for adults” has become the latest trend, with claims that it reduces stress.


The idea is that when you’re focused on creating and coloring inside the lines, you’re giving your very busy, often chaotic mind a rest from everything else.


Apparently these books are on the top sellers list around the world.


NY Daily News: Coloring books: the sensation drawing in the adult nation

MyFox8: Adults coloring their stress away

Yahoo: Inside the adult coloring book

Believe it or not, it’s intensely satisfying, highly rewarding and best of all, costs practically nothing to do.


So I made a colouring book of my own, one of line drawings in B&W for colouring in. This was a few months back and I hadn’t caught onto the idea of the adult colouring thing, calling it “The Awesome Motorcycle Colouring Book” at the time, and yet it has sold 13 copies so far!


I know that’s no best seller, but for me, to create that passive income from something that I have made from scratch is intensely satisfying.


The Motorcycle Coloring Book For Adults was born

But I wanted to target that niche more so I set about making a new colouring book that was going to feature my most technical drawings in B&W for colouring. It come up pretty sweet!



I made it landscape this time, so the pages are easily folded flat and it’s thermal bound so the pages should pull out easy enough to stick your finished drawings up on the fridge too.


What bikes are in it?

It features 12 different highly detailed drawings of bikes for colouring.


  1. Honda CBR 1000RR
  2. Suzuki GSX-R 1000
  3. Yamaha FZ1S
  4. Kawasaki Ninja 1000
  5. Indian Scout
  6. Ducati Scrambler
  7. BMW R 1200 GS Adventure
  8. Harley Davidson Superglide
  9. BMW S1000 XR
  10. KTM Enduro
  11. KTM Adventure
  12. Suzuki DRZ 400 SM

It is available here on Esty and also here in my store in two versions, A4 and A5. I have also created an Instant Download version of the full book at half the price but you need to print it yourself.


The A5 one is the biggest challenge in my opinion, because it is quite small, making the detail even more intense for those that want a bigger challenge.


One of my favourite drawings

This BMW R1200GS Adventure was my first attempt colouring with Copic Markers and took somewhere between 20 and 30 hours to colour. I was stoked with the outcome.


illustration of the BMW R1200GSA


Going the extra mile

With that done I wanted to go one further and give you a taste of how much fun it can be colouring in. So I created a freebie for you to download in return for your email subscription.


It is a taste tester if you will, with 4 bikes to colour in to see if it helps you destress. There is a Panigale on the front, a Chopper, Ducati Scrambler, Yamaha FZ1S and a custom Triumph by Walzwerk.


The Giveaway Coloring Book

Grab your FREE copy of the Motorcycle Coloring Book Sampler

If you dig finishing off those four do me a favour and grab a full size one and go nuts.


Until next time, stay upright.

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