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10,000km in 3 months – BMW R1200GSA

10,000km in 3 months – BMW R1200GSA

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I’ve amassed a solid odometer reading in a relatively short time (3 months) on my 2015 BMW R1200 GS Adventure.


To say I’m happy with the bike is an understatement. I question why I enjoyed something so agricultural as my old 2010 HD Dyna but I did and I do miss that bike a little (not when it’s raining).


Here are 10 features of the new bike I cannot believe I lived without.


Heated grips

Granted I did buy my bike in the middle of winter. These babies have seen me staying in my warm summer gloves through winter. The coldest I’ve ridden in has been -4 degrees. These heated grips on low have been a godsend.


Wind protection

The combination of the screen, the meter wide fuel tank and the boxer engine have meant I stay warm and dry in all but torrential rain. I’ve had to change my socks and jocks twice due to wetness from rain riding. Not bad.


Big Foot pegs

I have size 15 feet so naturally most small pegs aren’t even wide enough for me to get a solid grip. Not so with the Pregnant cows platform style pegs with serrated grips. I might go bigger though. Because bigger is better right??


Riding standing up

It’s so enjoyable. Just being able to refresh your butt after an hour or three in the saddle.


BMW Navigator V

As I’ve already preached this thing is great, having so much information at my finger tips. Future plans include kitting my helmet out for bluetooth perhaps. Rumor has it the Nav V is being upgraded for 2016.


Hard luggage

I started with the Alluminium top box and have now fitted the alluminium panniers. I’m blown away with how much crap I can carry. 4 loaves of bed, 6 litres of milk, a change of clothes, shoes and my jiu-jitsu gi in the top box alone. In the panniers I still have enough room to fit several small fury animals or perhaps a few pounds of heroin.


Dual sport Tyres

Granted the Michellin Anakee III’s are far from finke worthy but for my dirt soirées they have served me well.


30 litre fuel tank

It is so good being able to go 600km between stops, or only fill up twice a week depending how you look at it. It also comes in handy for last minute interstate trips. (when you need to get out of town quick).


It was a little temperamental at first and occasionally misses a shift on me but crikey this thing makes shifting fun, fast and smooth. But the downshift throttle blipper is even more useful, especially when you want to pull up in a hurry or just shuffle gears in the twisties without using the clutch.


LED Lighting

Specifically the combination of a great High and Low beam and auxiliary lighting. They make me more visible when splitting lanes but also light up the road helping me to dodge the numerous types of wildlife I see on a daily basis. But I can improve on this, so stay tuned.


Aside from a different set of pegs, maybe a taller windshield and of course some more protective parts this bike is pretty much dialed out of the box.


I’m so happy with it.

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