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ADR: Day 4 – Mildura to Melbourne

ADR: Day 4 – Mildura to Melbourne

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This is the last leg and possibly the worst part of the whole journey.


You see rural South Australia and Country Victoria are joined up by boring slabs of freeways.


It’s flat. It’s straight. It’s a motorcyclists test of spirit that just has to be done.


Reality is, it’s a 540km stretch from our final destination and you just have to kind of sit back and enjoy the last part of the journey home.


For some at least.


Tour organiser Wombat and group leader Murphy are taking a few keen bodies on a further few thousand km tour up to Bathurst and back. For me, it’s back to work tomorrow. But strangely refreshed again and an early wakeup call Bully and me found ourselves ready to hit it and made good time before the heat set in. This makes for a really short blog in fact as today was without incident or adventure. Just more of roads that look like this.

Although this was a story of triumph. With our early departure and lightened load, read duo, we made excellent time in the dawn before any serious heat set in. We knocked off half of the trip in one sitting in this more tolerable weather, endurance levels set to maximum after three days of pretty intense heat. 260km down we stopped for fuel and bacon and eggs, then got back on and knocked it over in another final sitting. 11:30am and I’m pulling in the drive as the mega heat kicks into gear, it’s 40 degrees again and man I am glad to be home in the air con. 2,200 kays later, four days and three nights of touring in some seriously hot riding 🙂 The bike has been squirted free of road kill and it’s back to work on the beater bike tomorrow for me!


Life is good.

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