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What Is The Best Dirt Bike For Tall People?

What Is The Best Dirt Bike For Tall People?

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Many tall dirt bikers will come towards me and ask whether the tallest dirt biker must have a tall dirt bike. It is. Riders of tall height must purchase a dirt bike that has a suitable height seat, overall width, and height to allow them to enjoy a comfortable ride and sit with enjoyment.


Best Dirt Bike For Tall People


Honda CRF450R



The CRF450R is likely to be the best dirt bike designed for the most experienced riders, according to my experience. In 2007 Honda made it clear that the CRF450R is designed and optimized specifically for taller riders. This model is truly a perfect example of performance and comfort for top riders. It is highly recommended for riders 6 feet tall and over (1.90m and above).


Beyond the length, height, and size, the CRF450R is among the oldest and most reliable dirt bike models you could discover. It is a mighty machine, and one of the great things about CRF450R is that CRF450R is the fact that it will be used for a variety of things like hiking, racing, or even riding on the road. And road riding.


However, the CRF450R is not an ideal choice for novices. It’s designed and advised for advanced or experienced riders or even medium riders. Since Honda updates it each year with a new version that was released in the last year and the improvements and improvements, trust me when I say it’s not appropriate for novices and is more hazardous.




It is possible to purchase this Honda CRF450R for $9,399, which is quite expensive. Honda made this dirt bike for people who are willing to spend that amount, and I’m sure it’s worth the cost since the CRF450R is a fantastic machine that will be worth every cent you spend.


Additionally, it is possible to buy it used since many sellers are willing to offer it. Most CRF450R used will cost between $5,000 and $8,500 while purchasing the model from previous years will cost less.


Features that are not available


  • A powerful engine – The Honda CRF450R has a potent 449.7cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled four-stroke engine, which can provide the user with 70 and 80 miles per hour (112 to 128 kilometers). It is thought to be the most potent engine globally and one of the most efficient 450cc engines ever on the market. The best feature is that Honda keeps improving each year by enhancing the CRF450R engine, which I am confident will remain one of the most potent engines of 450cc on the market.
  • New modes system – The most significant improvement Honda made to the CRF450R. It’s a brand new system named Honda Select Torque, which refers to a pull control that reduces the torque so that the rear wheel can compete while also allowing three available maps. They also include an ordinary map, a smooth map, and an aggressive one.
  • A stunning design – Honda CRF450R has many features for the hardware, but I would say the essential part for you is its style which is perfect and attractive with an incredible shape. It also has top-quality construction, which can ensure that it’ll be stunning wherever you travel to. It’s available in white, red and black.


Dimensions and why it’s great for tall riders


It’s Honda CRF450R is simply the ideal dirt bike suitable for those who have tall legs, as I’ve said previously for all men with a height of 1.90m (6 feet and over), and provides enough room and size to tall riders. The seating height of 37.8 inches. It weighs 247 lbs (110 kilograms). It’s pretty heavy, but on the road, you’ll not be able to feel it. It’s incredibly light to ride, thanks to the engine.



My opinion is that I believe that the Honda CRF450R is the best dirt bike for those who are high-risk and, at the same time, extremely reliable and robust available. It’s specifically designed and ideal for racing, and this is where it excels most. If you’re looking for a highly durable dirt bike to race and you’re more than 1.90m in height (6 feet or more), the CRF450R is the best option for you.


KTM 300 XC-W



Another suitable model for racing includes of the KTM 300 XC-W, which is a frightful performance and is perfect for tall riders as the Honda CRF450. Honda CRF450 differs in the sense that this model KTM 300 XC-W can accommodate very tall riders, even more than 2.0m (7 inches), as opposed to the Honda CRF450 which will not necessarily be able to adapt to very tall individuals.


Furthermore, for those who do not already know that this KTM 300 XC-W is upgraded from the past few years of the previous models of the original KTM 300. The new model is awe-inspiring in performance and, of course, it’s a beast. XC-W is only for advanced riders, and it’s unsuitable for novices as it’s powerful and can provide you with incredible speed that you did not even consider.




You can purchase KTM 300 XC-W for KTM 300 XC-W at an insane price of $10,000, which isn’t a cost that everyone could afford; therefore, it is an excellent choice for those who can afford the KTM 300 is recommended for those who are committed to investing and paying the total amount because it is worth it.


If you plan to use KTM 300 KTM 300, it will be a challenge since it’s a new model to the market; therefore, only a handful of people are using it. However, if you find it in use and it is, then it’s just an extra few hundred dollars, and you may also locate a deal that is cheap, but only in rare instances.


Unusual features


  • The most potent engine for racing. KTM 300 is a powerful engine for racing. KTM 300 has a 1-cylinder engine and a 2-stroke engine of 300cc, which is thought to be among the top machines on the market. It can provide you with the fastest speed of 90 MPH (144 kilometers) and will give the user a smooth rate and acceleration during racing. The engine will provide you with the most enjoyable experience as it was designed specifically to race.
  • The awe-inspiring feeling while riding The sensation of riding you get from the KTM 300 will give you is uncommon in dirt bikes. It gives you all the speed, aplomb, ease of riding, and even maintenance. All of these make a fantastic dirt bike. When I say perfect, I mean it since I didn’t find a single negative aspect that makes it a joy to ride.
  • Better design and construction There are many good aspects of the KTM 300. The most important feature, in my opinion, is what KTM has done in XC-W is that it has a better design and a much better construction that is far superior to its predecessors.


Dimensions and why it’s great for tall riders


The KTM 300XC-W model is quite suitable for tall riders. And as I mentioned, it’s able to fit those over 2 meters (7 inches) tall, which is impressive considering that not all dirt bikes on the list can do this. This is due to the 37.8-inch seating height as well as 223.3 pounds. (101 pounds).




My opinion is that I believe that the KTM 300 XC-W can only accommodate highly skilled riders, and, of course, it is a high-end standard of the rider in highly famous races. It is important to note that the KTM300 XC has not intended for recreational riding or even terrain riding and is designed to race, not the CRF450R used for race and other activities. The KTM 300 XC-W can only be appropriate for professional riders prepared to invest the money since $10,000 is not an exaggeration.


Suzuki RM-Z450



If I’ve demonstrated dirt motorcycles designed for advanced riders up to this point, now it’s time to introduce you to the Suzuki RM-Z450, which can fit beginners and advanced riders. It’s also great for novices, and I’m sure that it will please the pros.


In reality, the Suzuki RM-Z450 is a very suitable dirt bike for the most advanced riders, with a minimum height of 1.95m (6.5 feet) and can be great for more advanced riders. However, it is essential to be aware that the RM-Z450 is not the top dirt bike because its engine has 450cc power and is still quite expensive.


Therefore, if you’re looking to purchase, it’s more beneficial to buy Honda or Yamaha models that can offer more power than the RMZ450. However, be aware that the RMZ450 is among the top models with 450cc in the market; however, it’s not the best.


Additionally, many believe that 450cc isn’t suitable for novices, and yes, they’re right; however, the RMZ450 features the 450cc engine, which is powerful but not as powerful as Honda and Yamaha’s dirt bikes. It’s up to your preferences and the type of bike you prefer.



It is possible to buy Suzuki RM-Z450 at a price between $8,000 and $8,999. And it’s somewhat expensive; however, it’s well worth the price in the end. The greatest thing about it is that once you first begin riding, you’ll be happy with it when you progress in your riding level. AS I MENTIONED EARLIER, this RM- Z450 is suitable for beginners and advanced developers.


In addition, I won’t suggest you purchase the RM-Z450 in the last few years, as Suzuki hasn’t shown any substantial changes that I believe are worth the extra dollars. Therefore, I strongly suggest buying the earlier versions of the RMZ450 to reduce your expenses.


If you are thinking of buying it second-hand, it’s an excellent idea since the majority of the RMZ450 that is used is available for sale between $7,000 and $5,000.


Features that are not available


  • The RM-Z450 is a great 449cc, liquid-cooled four-valve, four-stroke DOHC engine that delivers top performance while achieving speeds of up to 75 miles per hour (120 kilometers); that is quite impressive. However, it might not be up to your expectations because it’s a solid and durable Suzuki engine, but it’s not the most vital engine of 450cc in the market.
  • What I like concerning the Suzuki RM-Z450 is that it is built for racing and can reach incredibly high speeds. In my opinion, the most secure model is 450cc on the market due to disc brakes that provide the most potent braking power and the user-friendly nature of the Suzuki. It’s constant and stable on all surfaces and works well at slow speeds.
  • It is a simple operation. RM-Z450 is a breeze to operate and ride due to its crane kick and super-smooth power supply, along with the high efficiency of its fuel and reliability. Even though the RMZ450 isn’t equipped with an electric start, it isn’t a significant issue as the motor is simple to operate.


Dimensions and why it’s great for tall riders


The RM-Z450 has proved to be an excellent dirt bike for taller riders and is more significant than other models listed. The seating height of 37.8 inches, while the weight is 247 lbs. (112 kilos).




I believe that I believe that the Suzuki RM-Z450 is a great dirt bike for riders of more than 1.95m (6 inches) and suitable for intermediate and advanced riders; however, it is crucial to be aware that it’s not a good choice for the 450cc engine class, but will provide you with an excellent ride that I’m sure you’ll be delighted with.


Yamaha YZ250



If I’ve shown dirt bikes that are sold at an outrageous price, now is the time to introduce you to that Yamaha YZ250, which is available at a less high price and is ideal for riders who are extremely strong. I wouldn’t recommend the YZ250 for novices since, even though it’s 250cc but it’s still wild dirt bike suitable for racing.


Additionally, I suggest the YZ250 to people who are genuinely Yamaha enthusiasts, and you must have experience with at the very least one other model before you can ride the YZ250. It’s advised for intermediate and advanced riders.




It is possible to purchase the Yamaha YZ250 at a regular cost of $7,499, which is a fantastic price considering that the model from last year is more than previous models due to the upgrade and improvements through Yamaha in the YZ250.


Dimensions and why it’s great for tall riders


While it is true that the Yamaha YZ250 has high dimensions, however, it is suitable for riders more than 1.80m (5 feet or more) in comparison to other models that aren’t suited to less experienced riders. The seating height of 39.1 inches, while its overall size is 50.8 inches, and it weighs 227 pounds (102 kilograms). It may sound like a lot in the abstract, yet it feels like a feather when you walk across the field.




My opinion is that I believe that the Yamaha YZ250 can easily fit any height from medium to high, and that’s something that Yamaha is highly adept at. While it’s a 250cc engine, which isn’t a lot, however, I would not recommend it to beginners as it is perilous in the case of Yamaha and other Yamaha bikes, so ensure that you’ve been riding at the very least some other dirt bikes before you decide to ride the YZ250.


Yamaha WR250F



The Yamaha WR250F is the most suitable dirt bike designed for women of tall height who are new to it. I would suggest it for tall riders as the frame and overall dimensions of the WR250F are tall and wide, which makes it ideal for taller riders.


Additionally, the most appealing thing about the WR250F’s engine is that it is naturally not that robust and was designed to run at a low speed and is perfect for novice riders. It will even let you crash safely as opposed to the other dirt bike as they’re made for beginners; however, they are still a risk because they’re intended for speed at low speeds.




It is possible to purchase the WR250F for $8,599, an incredible value. However, many sellers sell it for a very affordable price, often even half the original cost.


Dimensions and why it is a good fit for tall riders


The WR250F is very large and tall, accommodating women 1.75 meters (4.5 feet or greater) in height. The seat has a height of 38 inches, and the weight of the bike at 258 pounds (117 kg), which is quite heavy; however, this can be an advantage because the weight slows it down on the dirt. This is ideal for beginners.




In my opinion, I believe that the Yamaha WR250F is a great dirt bike for beginning high-speed riders. It is also among the top models available for those who are just beginning because it isn’t often you can find dirt bikes specifically designed for beginners to cruise at slower speeds but still have fun.


KTM 150 XC-W



Another KTM that is on the list includes one of the most popular models, the KTM 150 XC-W, intended for novice riders and field enthusiasts who are thought-provoking. The 150 XC-W achieved massive waves in the market and is regarded as the best dirt bike for novice riders and, of course, in the 150cc class of engines.


Furthermore, this KTM 150 XC-W is excellent for tall riders due to its vast dimensions allowing tall people to comfortably. I recommend the KTM 150 XC-W for riders over 1.80m (5 inches).




You can purchase KTM 150 XC-W KTM 150 XC-W at an affordable price of $6500 and $7500, which can be a great value. It is an ideal option as it’s not designed for novices, and there are plenty of people who are just beginning to learn who use it for a couple of months and then decide to sell it.


Dimensions and why it’s great for tall riders


The KTM 150 XC-W is a great dirt bike for taller riders, and I recommend it to those with a minimum of 1.80m (5 feet) in height. But the most impressive aspect is that it will make it comfier for those over 1.90m (6 feet) due to its being high and wide with precision similar to its predecessor, the KTM 300. The seats are 37.8 inches, and it is light in weight, at 201 pounds (91.5 kg) which makes it feel like a feather on a race day.




My opinion is that I think that the KTM 150 XC is ideal for people who are still learning and need to own a KTM dirt bike, but it is not very powerful for learning the basics of riding a bike. You’ll find that the KTM 300 is too powerful for beginners; however, the KTM 150 XC is ideal for beginners.


Kawasaki KX250F



Kawasaki’s KX250F is another fantastic dirt bike that is ideal for riders. It’s an upgrade to Kawasaki and has many impressive features and upgrades that make it a robust and sturdy dirt bike, specifically with its powerful 250cc.


I highly recommend the Kawasaki XX250F for advanced or medium riders. Despite being 250 ccs, it’s nonetheless highly efficient and quick. I’ve seen people recommend it to beginners because it’s 250cc, and I wouldn’t suggest it for beginners. I would prefer the Yamaha WR250F, a better choice for those just starting.




The Kawasaki KX250F for $10,599 is a significant amount.


Additionally, if you want to buy the model used, it may be a good idea; however, the KX250F model, it is more difficult to find since it’s a modern model that is not yet available on the market. With that said, you will still be able to get it used for around a hundred dollars more. However, you’ll find that KX250F used models appear to be a fresh brand models straight from the nylon.


Dimensions and why it’s great for tall riders


The Kawasaki KX250F is a surefire way to accommodate any high-rider. It’s simply super comfy and is spacious and flat. The seating height of 37.2 inches, the overall size is 50 inches, and its weight is 104.7kg (230 pounds). I would recommend it to individuals who weigh up to 1.85m (5.5 feet or more).




I believe that the Kawasaki KX250F is one of the most impressive models Kawasaki has introduced in recent times. I would recommend it for intermediate or advanced riders and not for novices, even though it’s 250cc.


What are the best dirt bike Setup Tips for tall Riders?


You need to know that this process could take a while. It’s more like an art form than an event, so be confident about what it is you’re going to accomplish. You’re about to ride the bucking bronco, not me. My noble horse responds to being you speak to it.


Numerous improvements could be made with varying costs and difficulties.


  • Riding Position
  • Handlebars, Risers & Triple Clamps
  • Front Brake & Clutch
  • Back Brake and Shifter
  • Padding and Seat Height
  • Suspension & Sag


The Best Position To Ride For Tall Riders


We all know the correct solution here. Relax your knees, place your body in a zen position, then with your knees in, and then extend your elbows. Right?


I’m always looking for my feet to feel at ease before my entire body is ready to hit the trail or track. While standing or sitting, the hands and feet must always remain in connection with your bike. The more points of contact when you grip the bike using your knees will help keep the cycle in check while also keeping your movement in tune.


This also has the benefit of letting you release your gorilla fists, which are holding white-knuckled on the bars. This could help you with the pumping of your arms.


Foot Position and Toes


Your foot’s posture is crucial. The soles of your feet serve to act as pivot points while you are taking impact, and this is far superior to using your heel or center foot, which can cause you to take full force without much absorption.


I cycle using my feet (or at the very least my toes) as close as I can to the bike case. The additional step of gripping will ensure that my feet are securely tucked and away from any stones or stumps. The inability to properly fold your feet into the ground is among the most common ways to trigger an injury to your leg.


Standing Position


I try to maintain my body’s mass from the ground at perpendicular angles. If I’m speeding up or going upwards, my upper body will be moving more forward. When decelerating or going downhill, my body mass will always be thrown backward, acting as an anti-weight.


To do this quickly, you must bend your knees. be turned while keeping your legs at the same level. This is a very extreme riding stance.


Suppose you’re just riding and want to get your legs a little longer. In that case, I suggest extending my knees until they are straight to ensure that my legs can make as much contact as possible with the bike as possible without getting uncomfortable. This lets me relax my hold on my bars and use my arms to assist in helping support my weight.


Let your legs assist your weight, and your arms keep you pushing toward the middle of the bike. It takes away the stress from your back and core, which typically leads to muscle fatigue.


Seated Position


It also depends on whether you’re racing or simply riding, of course. In racing mode, you need to be near the vicinity of your bike as you can. The issue with this can be that it makes finding back brakes and gear shifters difficult and uncomfortable. Particularly with big boots.


You can alter the setting of your brake and shifter several notches to provide more space so that your feet can locate them more easily. Further details on that are to come later.


While sitting, I use my arms to pull my upper body mass towards the center instead of depending on my back muscles to keep me upward and lean for six hours. So my hands are always ready for the controls and not holding on all day long.


The Best Dirt Bike Foot Pegs for tall Riders.


A common element of a dirt bike is the footpegs. Following what I’ve said, you’ll realize that footpegs play an essential part when riding with me as a tall person. Naturally, taller riders have larger feet, which means that the space under the feet is subject to more pressure from the footpegs while riding. A pair of wider footpegs can ease this pressure and provide a more accessible riding position.


For tall guys, I recommend the IMS Bigfoot Footpegs which are extremely wide and comfortable.


Handlebar, Risers, & Triple Clamp


Suppose you’ve never turned your bars before you. Check places where triple clamps bolt on your bars. There are often markers that tell you at what angle your bars are placed. Make a note of the curve and work on tweaking it.


I would suggest moving the bars slightly forward. But not too much because this could place your hands in an awkward position and may cause cramps. If you aren’t happy with that way of working, try turning those bars back. This can help force your body weight forward when riding, and moving your bar backward could help reduce stress to the lower back.


If you’ve tried all of the rotating tricks, I suggest purchasing taller handlebars. Pro Taper Windham bend is perfect for those who want to be taller and have a budget.


If you’ve already purchased the handlebar, you can try using bar risers. You can buy an excellent collection of bars (also mentioned in the article I previously mentioned), such as those from Rox Speed Handlebar Risers, which provide 2 inches of additional space for your big frame to work on when riding dirt.


Most bikes come with three or two positions to the top clamp. If you don’t have enough adjustment or if your bike does not come with this option, then the risers I mentioned above can assist in pushing the bars upwards and forward.


Front Brake and Clutch Adjustments


Once you’ve got the bars in a peaceful location, it’s time to adjust the levers. The base level of each lever must be set to an angle that is just below the parallel line with the ground.


It’s crucial to find an ideal setting for levers to be easily reached when you’re sitting and standing. It is essential to try the lever’s position using both your relaxed and aggressive riding posture. This will assist in determining the correct setup for enduro trail riding and the motocross setup.


Hands with larger hands can reach farther out, but it’s simpler to push your fingers into the middle to grab the lever rather than flexing your fingers to extend them outward. The muscles that control the upper hand aren’t used often and can fatigue, causing the arm to pump while riding. This is why it’s best to position the levers to the side that is not parallel to the ground.


You can also change how far the levers are from your hands. If cables operate your brake, ensure that the wires are given the proper quantity of room. If the brake has hydraulics, you can adjust the preload. The easier it is to grip the levers, the more comfortable it is.


Back Brake and Shifter


As I stated in the earlier part of this article, I have found it extremely important that my feet be comfortable and finding the correct position on the back wheel and brake levers have been a struggle. Before changing your pedals, be sure you’ve corrected your riding position using the soles of your feet.


The back brake pedal is adjusted by a nut lock and threaded rod. It is possible to change the brake’s angle to match the position you are riding in. Most riders have it set to approximately horizontal or aligned with footpegs.


I have my lever set below the footpegs, making it easier to locate the brake when in a seated position. If the brake’s excessively high, then you’ll usually need to lift your feet off the peg to look for brakes, which isn’t an ideal situation.


It is evident in the majority of dirt bike boots. There’s a ribbed liner top of toe boxes, and this part of the foot needs to be used to move gears upwards. There is no need to place all of your feet underneath the lever, and it’s just the outer edge of your boot. You can also alter the lever’s gear by rotating it back and forth slightly.


For those with a large boot dimension (EU 44+), It might be worth considering an extended lever for the gear.


Seat Height and Padding


What is the appropriate seat height for a dirtbike?


There isn’t one size that fits all heights of seats for dirt bikes. A proper seat height is contingent on the dimensions of the bike and the user.


What is the typical seat height of dirt bikes?


Suppose you take a look at the most recent dirt bikes. You’ll notice that the seat’s height varies for each model. 36.0 inches is the lowest part of the dirt bike seat height, whereas 38.0 inches is at the top of the range. The typical for dirt bikes stands at 37.0 inches.


How can I make my dirt bike’s seat to make it taller?


You can quickly increase the level on your dirtbike by simply replacing the seat with a taller one or adding foam and getting your heart replaced. I’d suggest purchasing an entirely new seat, especially if the middle you have is in good condition, and preserving the original center when you are ready to sell or upgrade your bike.


If you consider restoring the seat, you must be aware of the kind of foam you choose. You will get soft density and high density. The more complex density will keep you higher on your bike, but low density won’t be as comfortable. If you wear cushioned cycling pants under your riding pants as I do, then it’s possible that the softness may not be a problem for you.


Dirt Bike Sag and Suspension Setup for Tall Riders


Sag Setup


Dirt bike racers generally have their sag adjusted to approximately 30% of the entire suspension range. But, this is contingent on the type that your bike is. For a quick reference, If you are measuring 15” of movement, you should expect your bike to fall about 5 inches when sitting on it.


(sag/travel) * 100 = 30%

(5/15)*100 = 30%

(4/12)*100 = 30%


In general, the larger someone is, the more weight they weigh. I don’t believe in this generalization, and I weigh less than I’d like for my 6-foot-2 frame. This means that my bike will not sink significantly when I sit on it, armed with my gear, so I use a medium-stiff spring in my shocks and forks.


Fork Setup


You shouldn’t be adjusting the fork height in triple clamps for too long. It is only recommended to do this if your bike’s current configuration feels out of place, and it will make a massive change to how your bike handles. If you choose to alter the height, you must first determine the current size to return to the previous setup should problems get worse.


In the same way, also, you could lower the front of your back by using three clamps. Whatever you decide, ensure that each fork is precisely the same height.


Tall Dirt Bike Rider FAQs


How tall are Pro Motorcycle Riders?


The height of professional racers on motorcycles is different based on the race category. MotoGP riders average five feet eight” (172.72 centimeters) with an average of 143lbs (64.8 kilograms). Professional motocross drivers with 450cc have the standard that is 5’10” (177.8cm) with an average of 157lbs (71.2 kilograms).


Are You Tall Enough? Need to be To Ride A 250cc Dirt bike?


There isn’t any particular height requirement for riding 250cc dirt bikes. Manufacturers of dirt bikes have various heights of the seat for every model, it means not all 250cc dirt bikes come with the exact size of the chair. The typical seat height of 250cc dirt bikes across the different brands is 35”-39″ (89cm-99cm). This is the ideal range for riders who have an average size of 5’10” (178cm).


How tall should you be to ride a 450cc dirt Bike?


The average dirt bike 450cc features a seat height of 37.5 inches (95.2cm) and is suitable for those who have a size that is six feet (182.88cm) over. These figures are intended as a guideline, not a definitive rule. As we said, most professional dirt bikers are smaller than these.


If you have any concerns or questions you might have or an opinion regarding the article, please contact us via your thoughts in a comment, and we’ll respond in 24 hours.

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