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What Are The Best Dirt Bike Handlebar For Tall Riders?

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Tall men have a difficult time finding a comfortable riding position. Rotating your bars sometimes is not enough. You might consider getting a pair of bar risers with a different-shaped handlebar, such as the ones shown below.


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As a tall rider, I can feel your pain. I am 6’2 inches tall. Not the tallest, but not the shortest. It has been a constant struggle to find the perfect handlebar setup for my riding comfort.


A damaged lower back has also affected me, and I’ve popped the L4-L5 lower spine disc, which makes standing up and leaning forward. (It’s the same feeling when I wash dishes in the sink – which is why I have to find the right handlebar setup for my tall riding style.


I have tried a variety of bars and footpegs and lever positions, bar risers, footpegs, seat heights, and lever positions. After a lot of trial and error, I determined the best handlebars for dirt bikes for tall riders.


Setup Dirt bike handlebars for tall riders


First, let’s be clear: simply changing your stock bars to Pro Tapers or Rentals will not change your bar height. Also, a thicker bar won’t affect your ride height. Don’t be confused if you look at the measurements around the bar diameter. For example, 7/8″ and 1 1/8″ are simply the thicknesses of the bars, not the height.


Pay attention to the height, rise, sweep, and other details related to the angles and taper.


These are the specs of my stock bars for KTM 300 EXC.


KTM 300 EXC Standard Handlebar Specifics


  • Manufacturer: Neken
  • Type of Bar: 1 1/8 “
  • Length: 817mm
  • Height: 112mm
  • Sweep: 70mm


Play with the rotation of your levers and bars. This is the first thing you can do without spending a dime. You may feel hunching forward if you have rotated your bars too much, and this will make you stand taller.


If this is the case, you can move your bars forward a few clicks until you feel comfortable and natural in your standing position.


Riders over 6′ tall set their bars parallel to your forks or slightly forward if they are higher.


For tall riders, dirt bike handlebar lever set up.


Adjusting your handlebars to make them more comfortable for your height should also be done to your levers. You can adjust the rotation of your bars by taking your bike out for a spin. Pay attention to how your bike and bars feel when seated or standing.


Enduro riders do a lot of standing, and I prefer a slightly forward angle on the bars and the levers just below neutral. I ride with a pair of bar risers, and I can recommend some of my favorites for you to try.


What are the Best Dirt Bike Handlebars for Tall Riders?


Pro Taper 1-1/8″ Windham Bend


  • Overall rating: 4.8
  • Value for Money: 4.8
  • Features: 4.7
  • Style: 4.8
  • Installation: 4.7
  • Durability: 4.7


The bar measurements alone will significantly differ between the Pro Taper Windham/ Carmichael bend or the Renthal RC High. These bars will make a significant difference over the stock bars, and you’ll notice it immediately after they are installed.


Pro Taper was the first company to create handlebars that didn’t have crossbars. This design aims to create handlebars for dirt bikes that can outlast the competition in terms of durability and flexibility without sacrificing strength.


They can absorb impact and flex, which is crucial for raiders. The contour bars are 20% lighter than the other bars and 40% stronger than the rest.


These bars provide an impressive height change to stock bars and give you a completely different feeling. It may take some time to get used to it. Once you get the setup down, you will be happier riding with lower stock bars. Pro Taper Windham bend dirt bike bar bars have received positive reviews from riders who are over 6’2 or 6’3.



  • Width: 800mm
  • Height: 99mm
  • Rise: 74mm
  • Sweep: 53mm
  • Control Area:180mm
  • Clamp Area: 219mm



Renthal Fatbar RC High


  • Overall rating: 4.8
  • Value for Money: 5.0
  • Features: 4.6
  • Style: 5.0
  • Installation: 4.7
  • Fit: 5.0
  • Durability: 5.0


Let’s start our search for the best handlebars to fit tall riders. Renthal RC high bars have the highest bars available. You can choose between a fat bar of 1 1/8′ and a thin bar of 7/8′. This will not affect your ride height, but it is more personal.


The bars are tapered to 7/8′ at the ends, allowing for universal grips. You may be looking for new grips.


Renthal Fatbar eliminates the need to use a cross-brace. This gives the bars a little more flexibility and absorbs impact better than smaller 7/8′ bars. Flex is claimed to increase rider comfort and reduce fatigue, and it is made from 7010 T6 aluminum, which absorbs vibration well.


These bars have a remarkable height and rise of 120mm & 84mm, respectively.



  • Width: 802mm
  • Height: 120mm
  • Rise: 84mm
  • Clamp Area: 105mm
  • Sweep: 56mm
  • Control Area:190mm


Fasst Enduro High Flexx Handle Bars


  • Overall rating: 4.9
  • Value for Money: 4.0
  • Features: 5.0
  • Style: 5.0
  • Installation: 4.8
  • Durability: 5.0


These handlebars aren’t the most popular pair on the tracks or trails. They are more expensive, and they look and feel different. Although I have never owned one, I have ridden with them a few times. Although they are not easy to use, I found them to be very helpful in reducing fatigue in my forearms and hands. You can also change your gloves if you are riding with fatigue.


These were my first test bikes. I was experiencing issues with the early ride arm pump. Surprise, I experienced no problems with my arm pump when I rode with Fasst bars.


These are great options if you have some extra cash. Many sizes are available, but I recommend the High Flexx Enduro Bars for taller riders.


All the Fasst reviews are excellent, and I have read them all. You should do your research and read the reviews. Then, go back to this site and see the next best option. This will allow you to make an informed decision about which dirt bike handlebars are best for tall riders.



  • Width: 787mm
  • Height: 116mm
  • Rise: 71mm
  • Sweep: 54mm
  • Control Area:180mm
  • Clamp Area: 204mm


Pro Taper XK High-Bars


  • Overall rating: 4.7
  • Value for Money: 4.6
  • Features: 4.6
  • Style: 4.9
  • Installation: 4.5
  • Durability: 4.7


Pro Taper’s XK High bar bend is the highest dirt bike handlebar on the market, and it measures 107mm high and rises to 74mm. They allow tall riders to adjust their riding position and increase their bar height by turning them forward a few degrees.


The best thing about the XK high bars is their ability to offer height without feeling awkward like Pastrana bars, which can feel strange in corner handling.


Riders 6’4″ and higher have given glowing reviews about the XK High bars. These bars may not be for you. You can add two or three tight-fitting washers under the bar mounts and on top of the triple clamp. You can increase the height by about 8mm without buying bar risers. Important: Make sure you can securely attach full nuts to the bottom of your bar posts if you do this.



  • Width: 800mm
  • Height: 107mm
  • Rise: 70mm
  • Sweep: 54mm
  • Control Area:184mm
  • Clamp Area: 223mm



Pro Taper EVO High Bend


  • Overall rating: 4.7
  • Value for Money: 4.6
  • Features: 4.7
  • Style: 4.8
  • Installation: 4.2
  • Durability: 5.0


Pro Taper’s latest model, the EVO bars, is now available. The original Pro Taper handlebars have been preserved, but the new EVO bars feature improved construction and the use of improved alloys.


The bar is now lighter, thanks to a 4mm wall, giving riders more control and precision.


EVO bars are designed with a more precise and detailed rise and pullback, providing a consistent feel. These bars are also more durable than any other handlebars. The EVO bars have been laboratory tested and have shown the longest fatigue life.



  • Width: 800mm
  • Height: 95mm
  • Rise: 71mm
  • Sweep: 60mm
  • Control Area:180mm
  • Clamp Area: 204mm



What are the Best Dirt Bike Handlebar Risers for Tall Guys?


Rox Speed Handlebar Risers


There are a few differences in handlebar risers. The Roxx Risers, which add 2 inches to your handlebar height, are the best choice. You might need to reroute cables if you add rises to high bars.


They can be used to make risers for 7/8 and 1 1/8 bars. You can use the spacers that run along the triple crowns to fit 7/8 and 1 1/8 bars. Buy the correct riser here to avoid the fuss if your ride has 1 1/8 bars.


Ape Racing Handlebar Risers


Ape Racing also makes handlebar risers that are too high for tall riders.


They are made from billet-T6 titanium and are heavy-duty. The surface was CNC machined and anodized.


There are risers available for 7/8 bars and risers available for 1 1/8 bars. Ape Racing designed these bar risers to withstand the rigors of the track and trails. These bar risers are 2 inches taller and include adapters and a wrench.


What are the riding tips for tall riders?


You can control your dirtbike better by doing these things. To keep the dirt bike in your hands, grip it with your knees, and this reduces the risk of getting an arm pump.


Point your toes


Two reasons why riding with your toes against the bike’s cases is beneficial are: This not only gives you more grip when holding onto your bike but also allows your feet to be tucked in and out of your way. You can forget to pay attention to where your feet are pointed, and they will often relax and find their way back.


If your feet are pointed inward, you are more likely to get caught or hit something. It’s not fun to have your foot knocked off the bike by a stump or rut. You can improve your riding skills and prevent serious injury by keeping your feet on the ground.


Foot Positioning


You should also make a habit of riding on your heels when you’re not using the rear brake or shifter. If you have bigger boots, it is better to keep your feet back.


Your feet are another suspension component that absorbs impacts, and your heels will absorb the full force of impact if you ride on them.


Body Positioning


Standing more often will make you feel less cramped. Most dirt bike riders sit way too much, and standing correctly can make it more comfortable for tall riders.


Your lower legs should be straight, and your head slightly lowered. This will allow you to place your lower legs vertically and help weigh the front wheel. You should raise your elbows and bend slightly.




Try rotating your handlebars slightly at an angle before you purchase new handlebars. You can see the angle of some bars by looking at the lines attached to them by the triple clamp bolts.


Rolling the handlebars forward can make a difference if you are taller or have longer arms. However, be careful not to rotate them. The bars are usually angled slightly to be more ergonomically correct in their standard position.


Do not cut off the blood flow!


Rotating them too far forward can cause the sweeping angle to become uncomfortable and point up. It can also cause your hands to become numb due to the cutoff in blood circulation caused by the angle of the wrists.




Adjust the brake and clutch levers after you have adjusted the handlebars to your satisfaction.


Don’t be THAT guy


Too often, dirt bikes are set up with strange controls that make me wonder how they get to the levers. It’s ridiculous and inefficient when it is time to ride and improve your technique.


Every rider has their preferences, so it is important to find the right balance.


Levers in the Attack Position


You’re likely to be taller than me, who is 5’6 ”). Now, get on your dirt bike and place your legs on the stand. Once you are in the attack position, your knees should be bent so that your knees can absorb impact and your butt is off the seat. Adjust the levers until they are in the most comfortable position for your finger(s).


What do you need to know before you move on?


If your cables are operated by cable, ensure they have the correct slack or preload. The levers should be as close to your hand as possible without crushing your fingers while pulling them in.


Brake pedal adjustment


You will become pickier about how your dirtbike is set up the more you ride. If the rear brakes are not properly adjusted, you will be dragging your legs and feet.


You can adjust the arm or pedal to fit your riding style, regardless of whether they are disc brakes or drum brakes. The locknut and threaded rod are used to adjust the angle of your pedal. My pedal is usually set at the same height as my footpeg.


Shift Lever


Although the shift lever can be removed and rotated on the splines to adjust the position, they are not as frequently used as the other controls.


Do not miss your shift.


You should also keep your shift lever and bolt tight. Vibration can cause the shift lever to loosen over time, which can become loose or even fall off. This will make it almost impossible to shift gears.


Moving your boot under the shift lever may be easier by rotating it a few teeth. You should be able to shift up and down easily while riding.


Offset brakes can be a great choice if your boots are larger than normal. If your boots are larger than size 11 (44 EU), the tip is offset to allow for a longer reach.




Although this is not always true, it is generally true that the taller you get, the heavier you will be. You need the right spring rates for your shock and forks to prevent your dirt bike from sagging.


Your model bike’s suspension travel is approximately 30% if your proper race sag is close to 30%. If your dirt bike has 12 inches of travel, it should fall about 4 inches when you put your gear on. You can adjust the preload or purchase stiffer springs if higher than that.


How can I make my dirt bike taller?


We have already discussed setting up your dirt bike to make it easier to ride for tall riders. But now, we will discuss the best mods that can be done to make the cockpit and riding position more comfortable.


To increase the distance between your feet and the butt to your seat, raise the height of your chair.


A full-size dirtbike will look smaller if you have long legs. Although you could move the footpegs to a lower location, it might prove difficult to find/make a bracket. This will reduce the ground clearance, and your feet/pegs may drag more when you ride through deep ruts.


Is it possible to raise the seat height on a dirt bike?


A taller or foamed seat is a simple and effective way to increase the height of your bike’s seat. You will be able to move more freely, and your legs will feel better.


If you prefer to have a new seat, you can buy an aftermarket one or a replacement. Seat Foam can come in different densities.


Are you looking for a soft or hard butt?


High-density foam is firmer and will keep your body higher, and Low-density foam will allow you to sink into your seat more easily. Your weight and preference for how firm or soft you want your seat to be will determine what you purchase.


Seat covers make a difference.


Consider the seat cover material when deciding how firm you want your seat to be. A thicker, harder seat cover will make your seat stiffer. Softer covers will feel more comfortable but will wear faster.


Handlebar Risers


Although handlebar risers won’t increase the height of dirt bikes, they can make your bike more ergonomic.


Handlebar risers can raise your handlebars and move them forward. Installing risers to move your bars forward and up can make you feel more comfortable and last longer.


I recommend that you buy taller handlebars than risers. Risers can be less reliable as they add a point of attachment that could become loose over the years.


Although I don’t want to scare anyone away from them, I recommend that you first upgrade your handlebars and then decide if risers are necessary.


You May Need Longer Cables


The clutch and factory brake cables are designed to fit each bike. If you add handlebar risers, there might not be enough length. Look at the current setup to determine how far the bars can be moved without causing any problems. To check if cables are binding, make sure to lock the handlebars both ways.


Make sure you order the right size risers to fit your triple clamps. The standard size is 7/8″ and oversize/fat bars are 1-1/8″. It is easy to determine the size of your handlebars by looking at the distance between the grips and controls and the clamps that hold the triple tree to the bars. Standard 7/8″ handlebars are standard 7/8″. If the diameter at the triple clamps is greater, you will have 1-1/8″ oversize handlebars.


Lowering Fork Legs In Clamps


The triple clamps can be adjusted to adjust the fork height so that your dirt bike’s front is higher. This modification can have major effects on the handling and riding of your dirt bike.


Measure the distance between the triple clamps at the top of the forks before adjusting their height. Then measure again once you have adjusted them to ensure both legs are equal in height. Keep track of your settings to ensure that you can return to the original setting if your bike is not handling well.


Triple Clamps Offset


Triple clamps with multiple offsets allow you to adjust your dirtbike handlebars’ position easily. You can adjust the handlebar clamps using three offsets. The standard position is in the middle, followed by a forward and backset.


Change the Leverage


Tall riders can improve their riding technique by moving the handlebars back. Your body mass will be moved backward if you set the handlebars back closer to the middle of the bike. Because you have more leverage, pulling up to unload weight from the front end of the bike or wheelie will be easier.


Trial and error


You can always improve your technique and skill by trying new things. You don’t have to worry about causing damage to your dirt bike. Before making any changes, take a photo and note down the original settings.


Even if you aren’t convinced that moving the handlebars back will improve your riding, I urge you to give it another try when you have time. In case of any problems, stay close to your bike or your rig. You can always return the settings to their original state if you don’t love them.


If you have any questions or feedback for me, my readers&7 riders, or yourself, please leave a comment below.

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