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What Are The Best kids dirt bike gear?

What Are The Best Kids Dirt Bike Gear?

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So, your kid wants a dirt bike, and you finally get them one. Before you let them loose on the throttle, you need to invest money into some riding gear for your child.


Dirt bike riding gear is just as important to have as the dirt bike itself. Without it, you could be putting your child at extreme risk of severe injuries.


When your child finally hits the dirt, fully expect that they will fall. Not once…. A LOT.


This is natural as they are learning how to ride it, and even if they are already good at riding, they can still mess up at times as well.


Your child’s dirt biking heroes on YouTube aren’t perfect as well. From time to time, they too fall and get injured.


Now, before you get all worried and begin to panic and drive to the closest sportswear store, there are a few things to consider.


The primary thing to consider is the safety the gear provides. Do not get smaller or oversized gear because that is all that is available.


Also, don’t just give your child some hand-me-downs from a relative or someone you know. The gear could also be damaged. Only take from a trusted person.


By not doing this, you may be putting your child at extreme risk of injury. If it is not decent quality or if it doesn’t go well with them, DO NOT GET IT.


The next thing you need to consider is your budget.


If you have gone shopping for sports gear, then you already know what I am going to say.


But if this is your first time, let me tell you, sports gear that is in store is usually 2x or 3x more than if you buy it online or from a lesser popular brand.


These sporting stores sell gear from some of the most popular companies out there at a premium price.


If budget is an issue for you then no worries, first get only the essential gear from a not so famous company that makes them.


Once your child masters his or her skills on the dirt, then consider investing more in their gear as your money will be well spent at that point.


Don’t go all-in at the beginning, purchasing everything at a premium price. It’s not worth it.


Now, here are some products you should look into when shopping for gear for the safety of your child.



Dirt Bike Riding Helmet


Approximate price: $120-150


One of the most important gears you need to buy your child is a riding helmet. Not just any riding helmet, a good one.


When you begin searching and looking for riding helmets, you are going to see so many unique features and whatnot but know that the most important thing to take into consideration is if the helmet is a good fit, if not, then pass.


Make sure that before you purchase a helmet, you try it out on your child. This is especially important.

Make sure the helmet fits, can they easily move their head, can they breathe properly.


These are all questions you should ask your child. The helmets are heavy so your kid may complain a bit, but the primary focus you should have is if it fits.


Also, don’t go for the cheapest ones available. You may find some that are way below the average price, and they not only look good but fit well.


Many times, these helmets are good for the short term but very painful after a few rides. A common issue faced with buying a cheap helmet is that your kid may find it quite difficult to breathe.


They could potentially be suffocating as the helmet is of inferior quality.


Always do your brand research before you purchase, it will save you trouble in the long run.



Dirt Bike Riding Boots


Approximate Price: $130-$170


Equally as important as the helmet, a good boot is very necessary when dirt bike riding.


Riding boots are essential as they protect the part of the body which is most vulnerable to crashes or falls.


However, there is something to consider. When purchasing riding boots for adults, the price can go upwards of $200 or more. In it, you can feel each time you change gears and whatnot.


For this reason, if your child is an absolute beginner in dirt bike riding, a cheaper boot works just well.

Another reason you should not go all out in buying your child top-of-the-line riding boots is that they are still growing. In 1 or 2 years, they will outgrow those boots.


Now, if your child has some experience riding a dirt bike or is a bit on the professional side, then you should invest more in their boots, otherwise, it is more intelligent to go a little cheaper until they grow up more and get experience.


Then you should buy top of the line.


Dirt Bike Riding Goggles


Approximate price: $30-$60


Goggles are seen by some as more of an accessory than a necessary thing. There is going to be a lot of stuff flying in the air when your child goes dirt biking, and if there is no eye protection, you can severely damage their eyes.


All it takes is a small pebble or a few grains of sand to hit your child’s eyes for their eyesight to be affected.


When buying goggles, take into consideration that the viewing port should be big to allow for maximum view. Another benefit of such a large view is that they won’t fog up so easily.


Another thing to note is that the lens should be clear, viewing through a lens that is not clear for a prolonged time may lead to problems with vision. Also, look for a lens that offers some sort of UV protection.



Additional Dirt Bike Riding Gear


Now, those 3 were the most essential riding gears you need to buy your child if they are beginning to ride, but they are not in the least the only riding gear that is available.


Rather, there are some other riding gears you should consider buying your kid if dirt bike riding is going to be a regular thing for them.



Chest Protector


A chest protector is particularly important, as it protects vital organs.


Now, you will see many cheap ones available, but as always, do your research, a good chest protector can prevent many injuries.


Also, some riders opt for a roost guard. Reason being that it is generally lighter as it protects less, only the upper body.


Though a roost guard may feel a bit lighter and a bit cooler, a chest protector is a better choice as it simply provides more safety options.



Elbow and Knee pads


Another riding gear to think about is the old knee and elbow pads.


I don’t even need to tell you why you should consider getting them, but I will say this. They are not necessary but having them is always safer.


We always fall on our elbows and knees and dirt bike riders are no exception.


Before you do buy some, try to take one that is slightly larger as it will cover more skin surface, but do not get an overly large one as it will fall off despite you strapping it on tightly.





Expect your child to fall a lot. Their hands will get pretty dirty, pretty quickly. Not to mention some bruises and cuts they will get when falling.


It is good to invest some money in some high-quality gloves.


Don’t opt for cheap ones for this, it is very important to get a nice glove.


When buying, look to see if they can easily move their hand in them, if their hand doesn’t feel suffocated, and if the glove is exceptionally durable.


Most important of all, check to see if the glove is a perfect fit.



Jersey and Pants


For this, there isn’t any difference between the varied brands, they all are generally durable. You should focus on which one is a perfect fit.


This gear should never be overlooked as it provides full-body protection.


However, the pants are pricier than the jersey as they must be thick and durable as they will protect the legs. Do shop around for some nice pants and make sure they are of excellent quality.


Last thing


The most important thing before you take your kid’s dirt bike riding is to make sure they are having fun.

What is the point if you buy the most expensive, top-of-the-line gear if they hate the color combination?

I know you want to protect your child to the best of your ability but sometimes you need to take into consideration what they want.

Make the gear a certain color combo or something else they want.

This will make them happier, and they will enjoy dirt bike riding more than you could ever imagine.

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