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Non-Riders Don’t Get It

Non-Riders Don’t Get It

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I had a day in the shed recently, just cleaning up and putting shit in its place plus an oil change for the DRZ. Turns out that was well overdue looking at the state of the black looking muck that came out. Must make more effort to accurately time my oil changes.


We have friends from Scotland staying with us a while back, and one was keen to get in and help out with my bike, which was awesome as I’ve been losing strength in my hands lately. Even spinning spanners has been painful, my digits feel like they are on fire and the power just isn’t there. Damn MS and its shitty symptoms.


Admittedly I wrote this post some time ago, so not everything turned out as described below, anyway, Scottish Mick was asking about the Beema, when was it coming, was I selling the DRZ when I got it, why have two bikes, you’ll never ride both etc etc.


I found myself explaining my rationale to him which was interesting as I hadn’t really talked much about it of late, just quietly counting down the days until the Beemer arrived, but what I did come to the conclusion of was that non-riders don’t get it.


While I think I have nailed the two-bike combo perfectly, a non-rider cannot see the need.


A non-rider doesn’t understand why I can used the DRZ for commuting the meagre 10kms into work, happy, nippy, cheaply, zero care.


A non rider doesn’t understand why I wouldn’t take that same steed and head 200kms out into the twisties, and that I need a bigger bike for those rides.


A non biker only sees a motorcycle in its basic form, just a bike with wheels – it should be right for everything, surely?


I actually despise validating myself, it makes me feel like a spoilt brat. Two bikes can have that effect. But you know what? I worked damn hard for all that shit and don’t need to validate my decisions to anyone.


Having two bikes is much like having a ute and a sedan in cager speak. They both suit different purposes, much as the DRZ and the S1000R do. Why is it that drivers of cars just cannot see this?


Unfortunately, my partner doesn’t ride, and has very little interest in bikes, but fortunately for me he gets that I get it. Phew.


Have you found yourself explaining your bike related decisions to non-riders? How did it go?

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