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Brothers, motorcycling is in our blood

Brothers, motorcycling is in our blood

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I’ve been trying to find old photo’s of me on my first motorbikes.


I can’t remember exactly how old I was when I got my first one, thanks bloody stupid MS memory.
Then I found this old pic of me and my two brothers, with my mum’s writing on it “Adam, Daniel and Greg, 1975”.


That’s me in the middle.


Blew me away. I was three back then. I can’t be sure when I got my first motorbike, but I reckon it wasn’t long after this shot, maybe a year or two that I got a PeeWee 80 and that was it.


The rest is history.


My ultimate dream would be one where I have enough money to leave everything behind on a world-tour that takes maybe 2 – 3 years, on a big fat Harley Trike.


How old were you and can you remember your first bike? Leave me a comment belooooow.

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