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Not The Only Gay In The Village

Not The Only Gay In The Village

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My heart leapt into my mouth. Did you say gay sportbike rider? You mean, I’m not the only one in the village?


A good few weeks ago now, I’m reading one of my favourite websites Ride Apart, which I think is the best motorcycle blog/websites coming out of the US of A now, independent and opinionated, open and inclusive.

Hilarious but accurate and not affected by affiliation with any one big brand plus a few kick arse women writers on board. I really dig what they are doing. Then I see this.


Wait. Wait just a minute. There are other gay guys ‘DWDDs (Dudes Who Dig Dudes) out there riding around, and it’s ok? You big butch bike riding adrenalin junkies, don’t really care about what we do with our wangers? It’s actually ok and we can just talk about bikes? Great! But hang on a minute see, I’ve run Ducatiblog for the past few years, and late last year I posted this pic (one of a set taken by Motolady) on the Facebook wall of Ducatiblog… and it got flamed.


I thought it was hilarious! This was a post that took the piss out of the modelling industry fair and square, the macho stereotype… It wasn’t as if I created this image because I thought it was really sexually appealing, quite the opposite in fact, even for a DWDD. I was just having a laugh with the rest of you. Anyways… Right from the get go when developing this site, I told m

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