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Not The Only Gay In The Village

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My heart leapt into my mouth. Did you say gay sportbike rider? You mean, I’m not the only one in the village?


A good few weeks ago now, I’m reading one of my favourite websites Ride Apart, which I think is the best motorcycle blog/websites coming out of the US of A now, independent and opinionated, open and inclusive.

Hilarious but accurate and not affected by affiliation with any one big brand plus a few kick arse women writers on board. I really dig what they are doing. Then I see this.


Wait. Wait just a minute. There are other gay guys ‘DWDDs (Dudes Who Dig Dudes) out there riding around, and it’s ok? You big butch bike riding adrenalin junkies, don’t really care about what we do with our wangers? It’s actually ok and we can just talk about bikes? Great! But hang on a minute see, I’ve run Ducatiblog for the past few years, and late last year I posted this pic (one of a set taken by Motolady) on the Facebook wall of Ducatiblog… and it got flamed.



I thought it was hilarious! This was a post that took the piss out of the modelling industry fair and square, the macho stereotype… It wasn’t as if I created this image because I thought it was really sexually appealing, quite the opposite in fact, even for a DWDD. I was just having a laugh with the rest of you. Anyways… Right from the get go when developing this site, I told myself I was going to be honest about it And that was the end of that, which is great, because I don’t care that he prefers clunge either. I don’t understand it, but I don’t have to.


As Lou say’s “It’s not a lifestyle choice. It’s a life” Whatever you may think I didn’t chose to be born this way, and if you have a problem with that, then it’s your problem. So from day one I’ve been honest about my sexuality in my bio, which seemed really weird but I wanted to do it so there were no misunderstandings; I’m a dude who digs other dudes (and motorcycles), and so far I think we can safely say it’s pretty much a non-issue amongst the general motorcycling community.


It would be more of an issue if I just posted shite content. I thought long and hard about writing a response to Lou’s post, I wanted to comment on every part of his list, I wanted to friend him on Facebook, send him fan mail, leave a comment, make my own list, respond, say something but I froze… I just kept reading all the comments. I cyber stalked the page religiously for weeks. I waited for the people to arc up and tell ’the gays’ we had no place on two wheels. And guess what, no one did of course.


I had made up all that paranoia in my own head. I kept reading this bit over and over. Full disclosure: I am, in the somewhat dude-ish formulation, a dude who digs dudes (DWDD). You might be too, but, statistically at least, you most likely aren’t. As such, your personal attitude towards DWDD is hopefully blasé, but could also include feelings ranging from curiosity to deport-them-all-to-Russia. Whatever. It’s not a lifestyle, it’s a life, and it’s the only one I’ll ever have. Hells yeah brother!


Best of all, everyone was supportive and mostly, nonchalant. Kind of normal. Heaps of other DWDDs ‘came out’ online in the comments lending their support to Lou and his openness. I was flabbergasted. To summarise the general feeling and response would be to say out loud ‘no-one who rides gives a shit’. Moreso ‘can we talk about bikes some more now please?’. I was elated. It was the best thing I had ever read on the internet. Filled with a new sense of optimism for the motorcycling community I started to pen this response. It has taken me weeks to publish it, I have rewritten it ten or more times.


But I’m finally done and I’m left with a newfound sense of acceptance in the biker community. We all dig bikes and whoever you are, men and women, whatever your preferences, race, gender, religious beliefs etc. It’s okay no-one really minds that much as long as we’re riding.


So for that I just want to say to Ride Apart, and Lou Willsea in particular, from one DWDD to another, you made me really happy and I loved your list, thank you. Please accept this awesome magical reindeer gif in return for being just another cool biker.

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