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Paperbikes And An Internet Kung Fu Competition

Paperbikes And An Internet Kung Fu Competition

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As you may already know I recently opened up shop here on Daily Bikers, as well as creating my own Etsy store. Next up I hock body parts. Kidding. It was on Etsy that I caught up with another maker, talented designer and artist, Vassili who makes paperbike models in Brooklyn NYC.
Super cool, paperbikes are motorcycle and bicycle paper model kits that are fun and easy to make. Just cut, fold and glue.



I’ve been in love with two wheels and papercraft my whole life. Learning how to ride a bike at 5, I clearly remember the overwhelming feeling of joy the first time I found that balance. Figuring out how to build papercraft models at little kid gave me freedom to build any toy I wanted.


That freedom and joy never left, and now I have recreated my stable of real life bicycles into paperbikes! First was my dirt jumper / street MTB, loosely based on NS Capital, then came my BMX based on my Kink, fixed gear based on my Subrosa and a motorcycle based on my Ducati.


Now that my love for motorcycles is in full swing, many more motorcycle models are on their way. Building and seeing these models through out the day makes me smile and look forward to the next time I’m on two wheels.


Check out his website for heaps of his other rad paper designs. Talented dude eh!


So what?

I asked him if we could collaborate on some stuff and before you knew it we had a giveaway on our hands! Vassili has kindly donated TWO v101 paperbikes to give away to one lucky winner, and I’m throwing in a Daily Biker Notebook for the garage (winners choice of Ducati or BMW) as well.


How to Enter

Get your Internet Kung Fu ON.


The first person to correctly answer the following questions in the comments below wins.

  • Daily Bikers has a Ducati Panigale 1199 in stock, what colour is she?
  • Where is paperbikes based?
  • What is the model of Ducati made by paperbiker Vassili?
  • Daily Bikers shop has two types of books. What are they?
  • What is the slogan for Daily Biker’s Etsy store?

The winner will win two v101 paperbikes and a Daily Bikers notebook sent by snail mail. Maybe you can take notes as you make your paperbike 😀


Grab the popcorn.


The Boring Stuff

Time & Date stamp of comment will be used to identify the first correct answer/winner.


The winner will be announced in the comments below and contacted by email for their postal address. Enter as many times as you like.

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