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Moto Tales From The Ice Box

Moto Tales From The Ice Box

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Seriously, winter is in full swing and it’s freezing and miserable and makes me write really crap sentences about how wet and freezing it is. Worst of all, it puts me off riding.


Which totally blows.


The other day I thought, f&ck this, I’m going out despite the 11 degree forecast and raing warnings. I put all of my liners on (thermal long johns under kelvar jeans and a Schampa Warmskinny as well as the winter lining in the Dri Rider) and rode off in the distance to cleanse my soul.


Admittedly I had been hankering after a Sausage, Bacon, Egg and Cheese roll from this Cafe I know that’s about an hour and half from Melbourne, so it became the goal.


I felt better immediately, and way less prone to whining like a little bitch.


I rode into the wind on the way down which wasn’t too strong, and caught a slight tailwind home which propelled me forward with much aplomb.


I cut through the main street of Geelong and pondered the buildings and architecture before stopping at the bike strip and checking out the shops for a bit. Lots of shops with bikes in Geelong. I went to three different within 100 metres of one another.


Then satisfied, I sauntered homewards on board the S1000R with more of a smile on my dial than before I left. Happy days.



Get out and just ride more, even if it is wet and cold you sissy.

The S1000R speedo is around 7 kilometres out. So I can set Cruise Control at 107kmhr and know that I am not going to trip any Police cameras in my travels. Thanks freeway speed check signs.

Don’t underestimate Aldi’s motorcycle socks. I have all the winter liner bizzo from them as well as a more wicking under suit from Dri Rider, most of all I LOVE their socks.

I know, a silly pair of socks. But you know what? That silly pair of long socks that cost next to nothing really made a big difference riding in the cold. My legs didn’t really even get that cold given that I am riding a naked bike, this is great news.

I hate the cold, it makes me that whiny little bitch all over again and no one likes her.

Don’t be a whiny little bitch

Dryesdale Convenience Store make awesome Brekky Rolls for $5.70.

Until next time – stay warm, and upright. Spring is just around the next corner…

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