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The new Harley Low Rider – a bike I’d actually buy

The new Harley Low Rider – a bike I’d actually buy

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I sat in the beer garden at the Minapre Hotel in Lascelles Victoria admiring the 20+ bikes that had gathered and how each and every one was different. I couldn’t help but visualise what was left to do to make my current ride “perfect”.

103″ Donk for more oomph
Alloy Wheels so no tubes or spokes
Dual Front Disks for better anchors

2 Days later the Moco announced it was bringing back the Low Rider and I like it!


The Low Rider started out in 80’s with a shovel head engine, cast wheels and Sportyness without being a Sportser. The styling of the early lowriders was one I’ve always admired and something that was lost in later incarnations.


But the 2015 remake features so many similar design cues that hark back to the original, plus a bigger engine, plus alloy wheels and twin disk front end. The only thing lacking is taller bars and forward controls.


It’s true the Moco doesn’t make bikes to suit anyone, they make something close and leave it in the owners usually capable hands to make the final changes that sees it perfect in an their (the owner) eyes. You can see this in certain models like a mainly black bike that comes from the factory with chrome forks because obviously people want to black it out. Or perhaps a chromed out tourer which surprisingly doesn’t have chrome forks (because most owners choose to chrome them out).

I’ll look forward to seeing if this re-released model makes it way down under and who knows I might even be tempted.




So this little GEM has been released downunder and is already in show rooms. Dan and I went in to check them out and while I still think in the flesh it’s just as tempting the fact is it still needs forward controls and probably wouldn’t ride as well as my street bob does with apes.

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