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Dan laughed at me when I showed him a pic of the Kazz Mazz Kimberley Waistcoat I intended to order. In many ways we share the same tastes but on motorcycle gear (and Harleys) we rarely agree.


I like worn dirty brown leather where as he likes black textile material with “Ducati” emblazoned on it.


After a few quick measurements my order for a custom made vest was on its way, within 2 weeks I had it.




At just under 300 clams this vest is very well priced. Look at limited offerings from Icon 1000 and you’ll spend double that amount.




Bearing in mind the vest it replaced was $100 and fell apart in under 1 year $300 buys you a made-to-fit product with any one of several customisations available.


I opted for straight stitching and no skulls, beads or naked women. Heavy duty is an understatement here. When done up the waistcoat actually stands up by itself.




This Vest reminds me of my dads speedway boots from the 70′s, heavy duty leather, buckle fasteners and quality that will last years.


I like that it comes with a large internal pocket that happily fits my headover, some cable ties and my waterproof phone case. Being brown its probably more cowboy than bikie which I also like. It wears well even in extreme heat (I’ve worn it on consecutive 43 degree days) as well as breaking the chill on cold mornings.


Wow factor


Riding in this vest is almost like sitting in a chair, the back support provided is excellent and heavy rain, bugs, stones and small marsupials are not even felt because it’s just THAT thick. I’ve received several compliments from other riders and even the publican at my local pub on how schmick it looks, and how well made it is. Hell if the bartender gives it his tick of approval, you know you’re set.


If I were ordering it again I probably would opt for a second pocket giving me more carrying capacity but I really cannot fault this piece of kit.


It’s done me well for over 10,000km in all conditions. Despite taking some time to slowly break in I know it’s something I will be able to get years and years of use and abuse out of.


Now the real question is – do I need one in black for stealth missions?

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