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Welcome To The Daily Bikers Blog

Welcome To The Daily Bikers Blog

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Welcome to our new site, a place where people from anywhere in the world can talk about motorcycling.


I started a motorcycle blog when I fell in love with my first Ducati. January 1 2011 I launched Through that blog I met heaps of people infatuated with the brand Ducati and I made my first real life internet buddy, Big Steve.


We just clicked when we met and talked flat out at one another about our Hypermotards. It wasn’t long before I invited Steve to blog with me as well. Unfortunately it wasn’t long before Steve moved on in his motorcycling journey into the world of cruisers, more specifically a Harley Davidson.


While I was disappointed I totally understood, because I too am one of those motorcyclists than can change his mind. Steve broke both his wrists when he was young (I think he was abseiling face first or something dramatic like that, but it was more likely Basketball) and so the downward pressure on your wrists associated with riding Sportsbikes also became less of an option for him, and he now passionately talks about cruisers and Harley’s until the cows come home.


I too came to find that talking just about Ducatis became a bit limiting. I also wanted a second bike (a thousand bikes actually) and wanted to be freer in my blogging to talk about motorcycling in general and Ducatiblog just wasn’t the place for it.


So we talked for MONTHS about starting a new website, Steve already had his own blog when we met and that wasn’t cutting it for him, he joked that I was the only one who read it, and so we agreed; let’s do something together with a broader, more general focus, more reviews, guest posts, technology, riding and anything we wanted that has anything to do with motorbikes.


We have had a few names, and knowing that was going to be important to be sustainable beyond just being a Ducati blog or a Harley blog, we thought hard about why we ride and it became obvious and there was always a common theme: that we were bikers for life. Neither of us can picture a world where we can escape on two wheels on a daily basis.


And daily bikers was born.


Now, I am a bit of a geek truth be told. I have always been into two things. Computers and Motorbikes for as long as I can remember. When I was young I was equally infatuated with both things and I now have a career in computers and follow my other passion here on this website where I can talk about my love for motorcycling. I ride everyday as a commuter rain, hail or shine and as a Melbourne based motorcyclist that means pretty much all of those things at any given time of any day of the year. Bloody Melbourne weather!


We would love to hear from you and about your ride and what makes you get up in the morning and ride to work when it’s 4degrees outside and pouring with rain but you don’t mind. You’re a daily biker.


We hope you enjoy our ramblings and pics from the road as you read our little website that’s quite simply, all about motorbikes. We’ve added some nifty features like being able to vote up and down comments you like, and we are looking at a rating system for our reviews but for now sit back and grab a cold one or a cuppa, whatever, and read some ramblings from a bunch of daily bikers.

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Jim D. Smith
Biker and content writer at Daily Bikers Blog. Addicted to Bikes, aviation, fragrances, sushi and tacos.
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