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12 Reasons To Ride A Motorbike To Work

12 Reasons To Ride A Motorbike To Work

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I’ve been riding to work pretty solid for the last 8+ years and I wouldn’t change that for quids, so I put together my top reasons for riding to work every day.


Let’s check em out.

1. Riding itself

Getting around on motorbike is simply the best way to get around, no question about it.


I’d rather drive my car.”Said no motorcyclist ever.


2. Finances

Cheaper to run, cheaper to register, cheaper to fix, cheaper to park, cheaper tolls. Need any more evidence that it’s cheaper to be a biker, cause I’m just getting started.


3. Toll roads

As above. From 1 Jan 2014, Citylink in cohort with the Vic Government decided that it was okay to start charging motorcyclist toll fees. Bad news. Eastlink, our other major toll road, already had it in place – but this felt like the last straw.


That said, they are roughly half of what cars pay, which I do agree with. Also, just go around them.


4. Parking

In Melbourne, Australia we are allowed to park our bikes on footpaths, as long as they don’t obstruct pedestrian traffic unnecessarily, you won’t cop a fine. That means I ride up to my doorstep at work in the city, park and walk in. It costs on average $13 to park your cage in a multi-storey car park, that’s $65 per week saved. It’s . Another win for bikes.


5. Traffic

I can’t deal with traffic let alone traffic jams. The one thing I can’t do anymore is drive my car, pointed in the general direction of ‘work’, to crawl along for 45 mins at 10kms an hour. It kills me. I understand Michael Douglas in that movie completely.


I did this for a year in a cage and wanted to kill myself frequently.


Bikes don’t have this problem.


6. Road rage

There is only one permanent cure – ride all of the time. Don’t drive to work, ever (it’s a nightmare). On a bike you are free from the trappings of the cage, distractions like music and everything is in harmony.


Driving a car has completely nothing in common with riding a motorbike, there is no such thing as road rage when I’m riding, even when you cut me off.


This is me, but less Chinese.



7. Convenience

Life is so much easier on a motorcycle, period. No one can talk back, tell you which way to turn, no email, park wherever you want. You park close to where you are going, you can take off in the blink of an eye when needed; it’s all round more convenient being on two wheels.


8. Lifestyle

It is a lifestyle choice when so many other things which aren’t 😀 Clothes, footwear, reading material, movies, stuff… It just becomes all about motorcycling when you get the bug. Riding into a pack of strangers and finding friendship isn’t unheard of in our circles. It’s a lifestyle, don’t try and explain it to a non-rider, they won’t understand.



9. Pollution

I hope this is a no brainer, but I could be proven wrong. Surely motorcyclists are better for the environment, right? I know I only spend $20 a fortnight on fuel for my meagre commute to and from work, but I’m sure that would turn into a full tank at around $70 a week in my cage. That’s $50 saved.



10. Fun factor

Get a DRZ 400SM and go slide the back around corners in your hood and tell me you’re not happy. I’ll send you 40c to call a therapist.



11. Public Transport

Like road rage above, public transport makes me feel deeply ill. People shuffling all up in my face and shit. No thanks. For a Zone 1 full fare Myki pass it’ll cost you $7.50, that’s $37.50 saved.


This looks like so much fun.


12. Zen

So far I”m about $150 a week better off and that doesn’t include any of the aforementioned levels of fun I’ve had traveling back and forth. No more words needed.

Two wheels MFW!

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