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First Impressions – Arai Signet-Q Pro Tour

First Impressions – Arai Signet-Q Pro Tour

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I dunno exactly how this happened but for whatever reason I have always found myself wearing Shoei helmets, but no more! Below are my first impressions of a new Arai Signet-Q Pro Tour Tactical helmet.


Maybe it was the graphics, maybe it was a deep subconscious connection to the Brand Shoei itself, I dunno, I’ve just always worn them.


But in the last year I had started to notice that my GT-Air, now over 3 years old, was really starting to cause a lot of pain across my forehead. Yes I had noticed it before but always thought, toughen up FFS.


I used to get asked multiple times ‘are you alright?’ by strangers when removing said helmet as I would have a harsh red strip across my forehead Harry Potter style. Yeah, I’m fine I would say and then go about my biz.


But it really became noticeable this year on the ADR, and riding good distances with Steve, and I was getting quite jack of it.


And so the Great Helmet Hunt of 2015/2016 began.


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