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What Is The Best Motorcycle For New Rider Women?

What Is The Best Motorcycle For New Rider Women In 2023?

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As a female in 2023, you might think writing about women’s specific motorcycles is a joke. However, I’m here to argue and discuss why it’s essential.


It is a basic fact that regardless of what, men’s bodies are constructed differently than females (maybe aside from extreme athletes), so women will require different specifications when it comes to selecting the right motorcycle.


While there aren’t any bikes specifically designed for females, some are more ergonomically appropriate for women. For example, they have low seat heights with less weight and a shorter handling bar reach.


The best motorcycle best suited to your needs is the one that you’d like! But, the most important thing you’ll be doing while riding a motorbike is worrying because you’re not confident using it. Considering some of the factors listed here will allow you to maximize the benefits of your selection.


The days are gone of such brands as Excelsior manufacturing women’s motorcycles that only have the possibility of a step-through frame. But if you desire one, you can check this advertisement out and be aware that it could be controversial, but I prefer these models. Let’s now look at some superb alternatives that are available right now.


Which are your top 10 motorcycles that are suitable for women?


Based on our reader surveys and feedback from the past six years, we’ve compiled this list that includes the ten most popular motorcycles female riders ride. As the most authoritative source for female motorcyclists over the past decade, we’re confident that the Women Riders Now’s (WRN) list will be the most popular bike among female motorcyclists of today.


Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 SuperLow



Harley-Davidson launched its Sportster 883 SuperLow in 2011 with a model code XL 883L. This model replaces the previous XL 883L that was referred to as” the Sportster XL 883L–the L is for low. Both models are extremely popular with women.


These bikes have been the entry-level model of Harley, and since Harley is the most popular female model, women constitute the fastest-growing segment of riders new to the sport. Hence, it is only natural that the entry-level Harley-Davidson model would be the most sought-after bike ridden by women today.


Star Motorcycles V Star Custom Classic (650)



V Star Custom and the V Star Custom, and the V Star Classic have been included in Star Motorcycles’ lineup, the brand of cruisers within Yamaha for a long time, since 1997, because the model offers what women want, such as a low-slung seat with a lower center of gravity strong yet manageable size of the engine and the comfort. The significant difference between these two is their styling.


Women who purchase this model for their first bike never upgrade to something more powerful, whereas others upgrade from their initial 250cc motorcycle. This Classic ended in the model year 2011. In 2012, no V Star 650 was offered. However, Custom was introduced in 2013. WRN Contributor Sash Walker rode the V Star Classic. The Classic and the Custom both are typically known as V Star 650. V Star 650. Officially, V Star is spelled without the punctuation mark.


Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom



Harley-Davidson has released various Sportster 1200 over the last few years. While many women are riding the 1200 Custom, many women are taking the 1200L, which was made a few years ago. Given that Harley is the top brand for women, it’s no surprise to see that the Sportster 1200 would be near the top of the list.


Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe



The Softail Deluxe is the first bike on the Top 10 Motorcycles for Women list that’s deemed a “heavyweight,” and it’s the model that women choose to ride the most of Harley-Davidson’s “big twin” range of models. Big twin is a term used to describe bikes that run on the larger V-twin engine from Harley of 1690cc or 103 cubic inches, which is what you’ll find it called.


It’s no surprise to find that it’s the Softail Deluxe is the most loved “bigger” bike on our top 10 list due to its highly slim seat at 24.5 inches as well as its low center of gravity, providing women who are experienced to ride a stronger motorbike that can easily endure long hours of travel.


Star Motorcycles V Star 950



The V Star 950 is the fifth most-loved motorcycle for women, placing Star Motorcycles right behind Harley-Davidson as the second most adored brand for female riders. This V Star 950 is a solid middleweight used as a cruiser for urban use or equipped to tour. The seat’s low high of 26.6 inches makes it possible for different women to operate this “bigger” larger motorcycle.


Honda Shadow Spirit 750 C2



The Honda model featured on the Top 10 List of Motorcycles for Women is unsurprisingly among the Shadow models. The venerable model has been a massive hit with women riders for a long time. I began my motorcycling journey with the Shadow 500cc model.


So I can attest to its appeal to women. Shadow Spirit 750 C2 Shadow Spirit 750 C2 did an excellent job bridging the gap between a new rider and an experienced one. This is why many intermediate motorcyclists like the comfortable cruiser’s lower seat elevation.


Kawasaki Ninja 250 / 300



Since our list is based on surveys and feedback from readers over time and a variety of readers’ input, both Kawasaki Ninja 250 and the 300 were both mentioned as our 7th most popular motorcycle.


This Ninja 250 has long been the most popular choice for women looking for an aggressive style. Since 2013, Kawasaki upgraded the 250 models with a new 300cc model without sacrificing any of the characteristics that led to it becoming a top seller for women.


Harley-Davidson Street Glide



Although most female riders are riding mid-weight bikes, it’s not shocking to see the top-selling motorcycle in the last five years to make the top 10 of our list. Its Harley-Davidson Street Glide has been the most popular bike among the riders ever since its debut in 2006.


It was the inspiration behind the trend of custom baggers, thanks to its low-slung and sleek design. After women realized it was not too low (or could easily be lowered via suspension and seat modifications), the more experienced riders desired all the style and comfort too, and that includes me.


Kawasaki Vulcan 900



The riders didn’t say if they owned the Custom or the Classic LT, which are generally styles and comfort variants on the same bike. Regardless it’s great to see a middleweight model from Kawasaki appear on the list.


It’s a fact that it’s competing head-to-head against its rivals, the V Star 950 and the Sportster 883 SuperLow, in engine size. Do you notice a trend in the bikes women are picking? Our analysis of this model states that it is a big motorcycle attitude but in a compact package.


Star motorcycles V Star 250



It’s thrilling to see what’s considered a beginner’s motorcycle gets a spot on our list. This is a sign of the growing number of women riding we’re seeing today as more women pick a light to handle 250cc first-time motorcycles.


We don’t recommend riding in a motorcycle without a proper jacket or wearing one’s shirt untucked as this woman does this time; this image is an example of the new generation of riders, women 35 and under, taking the plunge into motorcycling and looking to express themselves on two wheels.


Despite their knowledge, they’re opting for light and easy-to-handle bikes, such as the V Star 250, which let them enjoy the lifestyle of a biker with the most negligible impact on their budgets.


What are the most important things to consider when buying a Motorcycle for women?




When purchasing a motorbike, one of the initial and foremost aspects is the engine that will power the bike. Motorbikes are available with various machines ranging from 50cc up to 2000cc—the greater the cc, the greater the power. The engine size you choose will impact the speed of your drive.


If you’re starting, you should choose an engine with a smaller capacity to operate efficiently. If you are trying to maintain the speed limits, an engine of 250cc to 500cc should be sufficient. Choose the engine’s power according to the level of your experience. The more powerful machines are perfect for riders who are professional.


Seat Height and Seat Position


The seat’s height is an additional factor you need to consider when purchasing motorbikes. The higher the heart and the lower its center of gravity, the simpler your bike is to handle and keep in equilibrium. You’ll want a bike that allows you to move your legs without difficulty for women. The seat needs to be balanced and easy to get to. Also, you should choose one that has a firm foundation when you start and stop your motorcycle.


Also, you should ensure that your seat is positioned correctly to encourage an upright seating position. It should promote good sitting and keep you comfortable regardless of the distance you go. Certain seating positions can cause discomfort and discomfort and discomfort, and you don’t wish to be in that position during or after an excursion.




It is essential to choose one that is easy to manage. The handlebar must be long and easy to use, and the controls must be simple to reach as well. The rules should not be complicated and more sophisticated.


What Are the Top Tips To Keep in Mind When You Ride A Motorcycle?


Ride Comfortably


Having a comfortable bike can give you the confidence to ride wherever. If you’re uneasy or uncomfortable, you’re more likely to make poor judgment calls. If your motorcycle is too high, think about buying a lowering kit or riding shoes with a low heels so that you can ride the bike flatly in the dirt.


Dress Comfortably


Be sure that all your gear is comfortable when you’re on the bike and off. A poorly-fitting garment will affect the way you ride your motorbike.


Take a light bag when traveling.


When traveling, pack a set of clothes, some accessories for camping, and toiletries. This is all you should bring, and the less you have on your motorbike, the more flexible you’ll be.


Be sure that you are legal.


Being sure to have all the required licenses for motorbikes, insurance, and other paperwork for your motorbike can prevent problems in the event of being caught in an incident or collision. Insuring your motorbike and yourself can ensure your safety.


Improve your skills


Take regular riding classes to improve your skills and experience the motorbike.


Pause and relax


Listen to your body and take time to rest whenever you’re needed to.




Enjoy your bike and the journeys you take. It’s genuinely thrilling and enjoyable riding a bike, so take pleasure in every moment!


Is it possible for a petite woman to be a motorcyclist?


Absolutely. Except for when you’re on a track and doing a lot of work, a little force is required to operate a motorcycle. It’s all about confidence, so you should start with some training to ensure you are enjoying it, and then select the one you’re at ease sitting on, i.e., you can reach the bar and floor easily.


What is the most suitable motorbike for females?


Any bike you’re comfortable with. It is true that in America, the most sought-after female motorcycles are the Harley Sportster 883 and the reasonably recent Indian Scout Bobber Sixty, making some profound advancements. Within the UK, the Triumph Street Twin has proved to be the most popular “big bike” that female cyclists can ride.


What is the most influential female motorcycle to start with?


It’s impossible to go wrong with Yamaha V Star 250. Yamaha V Star 250 or for those who reside located in The UK and EU, there’s a version with 125ccc capacity. If you’re female or male, it is a good idea to take a few lessons before going out on the open road.

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