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What is the maximum speed a 300cc-400cc motorcycle can go?
300cc motorcycles may be the best type of motorbike for anyone just starting. They come with the most...
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Where To Find The Quietest Motorcycle Helmet?
As an avid cyclist, you should be equipped with a selection of horrible motorcycle helmets that do not...
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What are the top electric motorcycles under $5000?
The electric motorcycle will revolutionize the automotive industry. Electric motorcycles are still a...
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What Is The Difference Between A Regular Bike And A Harley Davidson Bike?
One of the most significant differences between the two bikes is the core of each cycle!   Engine...
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Why Do People Get So Excited About Harley Davidson?
Harley Davidson may not be the fastest, but it’s not the most agile or has the most up-to-date...
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ADR 12: Tasmania 2018
ADR is a simple acronym for Australia Day Ride. Nothing tricky about it, twelve years ago two mates talked...
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Motorbikes are all about the feels
G’day, what’s new you ask? In my never ending quest for awesome moto-gear, quite a bit; I...
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Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled First Impressions
Ahh…it only took me two initial deposits at the Dealer and twelve months to decide that I really did...
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3 Tips To Live Longer Riding Motorcycles
That’s a click bait heading if ever I read one. Gotcha attention? Clickbait it may be, but there...
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Diary Of A Haggis Hunter - The Bitter End
All good things must come to an end as they say. And that is how it felt for me on my seventh day touring...
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A Day With The BMW S1000XR
Herro! This week the GS dash told me the 20K service was due despite sitting on just a touch over 18,000km,...
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Diary Of A Haggis Hunter In Scotland: To Infinity And Beyond
Och Aye, Scotland and aye. By day 3 a couple of exciting things had happened, or were happening. First...
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