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10,000km in 3 months - BMW R1200GSA
I’ve amassed a solid odometer reading in a relatively short time (3 months) on my 2015 BMW R1200 GS Adventure....
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Moto Tales From The Ice Box
Seriously, winter is in full swing and it’s freezing and miserable and makes me write really crap sentences...
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10 Advancements in Technology for Motorcyclists
Hey. Last we spoke I was crapping on about integrated GPS systems in dashboards and it whet my whistle...
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Mototech – The Rise Of The Machines
Have you noticed how advanced some of tech is on motorcycles is lately? Mind bending acronyms surround...
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First Impressions – BMW Nav 5
I’ve always resisted rider aids, none of my previous rides have had ABS, I’ve never fitted any additional...
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A Little Bit Of Everything Motorcycles
G’day, it’s been a quiet few weeks since I wrote, which doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been much motorcycle...
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Learning To Love A Harley Davidson
I’ve never really truly understood the Harley Davidson infatuation, until recently that is. When I met...
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First Impressions - Arai Signet-Q Pro Tour
I dunno exactly how this happened but for whatever reason I have always found myself wearing Shoei helmets,...
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Paperbikes And An Internet Kung Fu Competition
Erro!   As you may already know I recently opened up shop here on Daily Bikers, as well as creating...
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A Mellow Unicorn Riding A Magic Carpet
Hi there!   This year’s ADR (9) took on the shape of a camp out, we didn’t travel in a big loop...
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Charging Accessories For Your Ride For Less Than $30
Hiya   It feels like just yesterday that we rode four days through blistering Australian heat, from...
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The Stuff No-One Tells You
Yassou,   Older brothers will tell you nothing when it comes to riding motorbikes. It’s their lot...
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