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BMW S1R: How To Fit Your Tecbike Exhaust Cover

BMW S1R: How To Fit Your Tecbike Exhaust Cover

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Herroooo! Here are my step by step instructions for fitting the TecBike Exhaust cover to the BMW S1000R, not that you really need em! I did find the included German instructions slightly more confusing than Ikea, but after translating them I thought this might save someone else the hassle.


First remove the two front bellypan fairings with a T25 torx.


Then remove the left side bracket that attaches to the block. It’s a T40 Torx.


Then slide in the long T shape bracket that comes with the kit from the riders right hand side, it’s a bit tricky to wiggle in and slide down but it goes, then get the original bracket bolt back on the LH side, and use the supplied allen key bolt (why they didn’t keep it all torx is beyond me) but keep it all really LOOSE. You need to wiggle it into place in the next step.


There are two tiny T5 allen key nut and bolts that go on here, and they have to line up so slide the t bracket you just fitted loosely around until you can see them line up perfect. It’s a really tight squeeze even with my lady hands to get these on in place but you can do it. So far everything goes perfectly into position. Tighten then up with a 10mm spanner and a long allen key like this.


I missed this at first, so I’m telling you now, NOW is a good time to put the riders side LH fairing bracket back on. You will need to take the same bolt out on LH side that you put in, but do it now as later, it sucks.


So unscrew the Riders LH side T bracket, slide it out, put the fairing bracket over and screw the bolt back in, I kept the factory one but they do supply a matching allen key 10mm version if you want to use it (now that bit above sorta makes sense).


Join the two cat cover pieces together, they only go one way. Use the two 10mm nut n bolts supplied.


Do not tighten yet.


Slide it up from the back, I attacked it from the riders RH side first, the triangles that look like arrows are facing forwards so you can only put it on the right way.


You can see the bolt hole in the frame on this side, it lines up thereabouts with the additional adaptor bracket for the cover you just fitted, line em up and loosely put the 10mm bolt in to hold it in place; switch sides and on LH side you need to remove this with a T45 torx and slide it out, then wiggle the bracket into into place and put the torx back in.


Back to the RH side and now tighten that first 10mm back up, you’ll notice the sheeting isn’t exactly in the right bend, but it tightens easily and pulls it into shape.




Time to put the front fairing wings back on, tighten all the bolts (don’t forget to tighten the two rear 10mm bolts out back.


That’s it, now tighten everything up once more and sticker bomb that sucker.


Took about 45 mins including while I stopped taking down these steps for ya


Hope it helps someone, pretty simple job and I’ wrapped with the result. It keeps it naked looking and maintains the aggressive styling, but covers up that humongous cat. Job done.


Until next time.


Stay upright.

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