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What Should I Do If Someone Stole My Dirt bike?

What Should I Do If Someone Stole My Dirt bike?

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Thieves steal tons of dirt bikes each year, and many people don’t know how to handle them.

You should immediately report any theft of your dirt bike to the police.

After that, you can post on social media asking for help and informing your insurance company about the theft.

This guide will show you all you need to know to prevent your dirt bike from being stolen again.


What should you do if your dirt bike is stolen? Here are the steps to locate your dirt bike.


You can’t be unlucky if your dirtbike was stolen overnight. First, relax. Second, don’t stress. There are many steps that you must take to return your stolen dirtbike. Trust me; it will greatly assist you if you follow these steps.


Step 1.  Call the police


You first need to report them to the police to recover stolen bikes. The police will quickly search for dirt bikes, which will be visible to them. They will then follow the cameras to search for it.


You should also remember to give the police all information, such as your VIN, title, insurance, and vehicle. Also, if the thief touched your garage, they will need this information. They can also check fingerprints. If you have a GPS for dirt bikes, that will also be provided to the police.


It is also important to note that you should not think the police will do anything. Many people can get their dirt bikes and stolen vehicles back from the police.


You should also have proof of ownership, such as photos, documents, and title insurance. This will allow the police to link your dirt bike and return it to you.


Post on Social Networks that Your Dirt Bicycle Has been Stolen


You can use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Whatsapp to share all information about your dirt bike theft and its location. This is an effective way to communicate with your followers as most people will live near you, which will be very helpful.


You can also visit BikeWatchNYC if you don’t have any social media.


Fill out The Insurance Claim


First, make sure you contact your insurance company if you have dirt bike insurance. They will require as much information as the police need, and it is also important to call them as soon as possible to get new dirt bikes.


Report to Kryptonite and OnGuard


These sites can help you locate your dirt bike and provide all the information required for it. It is strongly recommended that you sign up for them.


You can also find physical stores and used dirt bikes on these sites.


It is quite common for the thief to take the dirt bike and then sell it to make some money.


You should also ensure that you search the market before buying dirt bikes. There are often tons of stolen bikes in these stores.


These are the steps to follow to locate your stolen dirt bikes. If you do them all, I guarantee you will find your dirt bikes at the end.


15 Tips to Protect Your Dirt Bike From Being Stolen


It is easy for thieves to steal dirt bikes. Many people make mistakes, such as not installing locks on dirt bikes or following safety precautions. No one wants their dirt bike stolen. Protecting your dirt bike from theft is important. Here are some tips.


Installing locking chains and anchors on dirt roads


Many riders make this error and don’t buy quality locks, nets, and anchors. Even though burglars can easily cut locks with screw cutters, it is important to purchase them. The good news is that they take a lot longer to cut off, which deters burglars.


It is important not to be lazy and lock your dirt bikes even if you only leave them for a short time. Many people have had their dirt bikes stolen after leaving them unlocked for a short time.


At races, pay attention to your dirtbike.


You must always have your dirt bike with you, whether you’re a parent or a child competing in races or a competitor in races.


The main target of thieves is bikes at races. You should not leave your bike unattended, even for a moment. You can also give your dirt bike away to someone who will take care of it, but only with someone, you know.


It is a good idea to bring a friend or someone you trust with you. They can keep the item at all times. This sounds obsessive, but it is essential.


Your dirt bike should not be left in your car


It’s possible that you don’t have the strength or the willpower to get out of your dirtbike every time you go to the garage. But, it’s not possible to leave them in your car because it’s easy to damage cars.


You don’t want your dirt bike to be stolen.


Don’t share your dirt bike on social networks.


Stealing is possible through social media.


You should be cautious if you have many followers on social media. Photographing your location or your home address is not a good idea, and this could help thieves steal your identity. It sounds simple, but it is vital.


While I don’t advise you not to take photos, it is important to avoid giving too much information that could put your dirt bike at risk.


Make sure you secure your garage.


Your garage should always be secured.


Many people believe that their garages have been secured. You increase the chance of your bike being stolen if it doesn’t have a tracking code or security alarm.


Because of this, I strongly recommend that you secure the garage.


Your dirt bike can be kept in your home.


Although I understand that many people don’t want their bikes in the house because they take up too much space or take too long to set up, your home is the best place to protect yourself from thieves.


I recommend locking your dirt bikes in your home to ensure their safety.


Install an alarm.


Many riders don’t install an alarm, but they can be very dangerous to thieves. You can find many alarms for a very affordable price. You should not see the alarm, as thieves may attempt to disable it.


You can also install multiple alarms to make sure it makes a loud sound so that you are aware of someone trying to steal it.


Disassemble your bike.


It is best to disassemble it once a week or every other month to secure your dirt bike.


It isn’t fun, but it is necessary for you. The thieves don’t want to steal any parts and prefer to ride the whole dirt bike.


It is also good to check the ease of dismantling before buying a dirtbike.


Don’t tell your neighbors you own dirt bikes.


People often show their bikes to friends and neighbors. However, it can be very foolish to tell your neighbors what you think about them, especially if they live in bad areas.


Because of this, I don’t recommend telling anyone that you don’t trust them. Instead, only show it to friends and people you trust.


You should not allow anyone to ride your dirt bike.


Many people give short riding to their friends and strangers. However, this can be dangerous as the rider could steal your bike. It is important to be careful when giving money to others, and I only recommend that you give to people you trust and know.


Install a tracking number.


Installing a tracking code can also be incredibly helpful, and this will allow you to track your dirtbike through your smartphone.


You can use a variety of tracking devices to view your phone.


This is extremely useful as the police can quickly catch and bring him back. This tracking code is available from Amazon. Click here to see.


Insurance companies


It can be difficult to get a bike if it is stolen. Many insurance companies will reimburse you half of the money, which can prove very useful.


To make sure you get the best deal, I recommend going to an insurance company.


You should have proof.


It is important to have proof to show the police that the bikes were stolen. If you don’t have any evidence, the police may not believe you and not attempt to locate them.


By taking a photo and showing your receipt, you can prove that you are the owner.


If you don’t have any evidence, the police may not believe you.


Make your dirt bike look unattractive.


Although it might seem odd, if you purchase an unattractive dirtbike, there is a good chance that the thief will not steal them.


The color of a room is very important. Numerous studies have shown that people are attracted to color, and red is, for example, more attractive to people than yellow. This is why I recommend bright colors like gray or light blue.


Remember that bright colors can be less appealing than darker colors.


Install a security camera.


Installing a security camera on your dashboard is one of the most important things you can do.


Amazon has many security cameras that you can buy, and Amazon is my recommendation for the best security camera. It does an amazing job.


It was shocking to see how cheap it is on Amazon.


Don’t wash your dirtbike in front of other people.


This may seem cool, but it can be dangerous. You invite thieves to your dirt bike, which could make you feel even cooler.


Remember that the more people you know about your dirt bike, the more likely they are to be stolen.


Note the engine number.


Many riders don’t write their engine number or other information to prove they are legitimate to the police.


If your dirtbike was stolen and you don’t have proof, the police won’t even attempt to export the thief to certain places.


It is important to have proof you can show the police. Registering your engine number is the best option.


Your camera should be difficult to see


You should have a security camera installed in your yard that can be easily viewed, and a thief could easily break the camera.


Because of this, I strongly encourage you to hide your security camera and make it difficult to see.


Cover the camera with a handkerchief, or place it somewhere hard to see.


Get insurance for your dirtbike


Insurance is the best way to feel secure.


Insurance is highly recommended for expensive dirt bikes that you fear will be stolen.


You could get insurance to help you get your refund and help you in an accident.


There are many insurance companies that you can choose from. You will get a larger refund if you pay more for better insurance.


You should not park your dirt bike in public spaces.


It is the worst thing that you can do.


Even if you lock your bike in the best possible way, thieves will still try to steal your dirt bike.


If you want to park your dirtbike, you should only do so in closed parking.


How to Avoid Buying a Stolen Bicycle?


To better understand the seller and the bike, it is important to do some research before you meet the seller. The most important thing in this situation is to trust your gut feeling.


If you are unsure, you can still meet with the seller. Only then will you be able to decide on the bike.

We recommend that you carefully go through these steps to ensure that you don’t buy a stolen bike.


Take a look at the Ad


Sellers should include enough information about their bikes in the ad. Sellers who want to sell bikes online will do their best to make the ad as appealing to buyers as possible. He will not hide anything.


If you can’t find any details about the bike, such as a phone number, email address, or the dirtbike’s condition, the seller likely doesn’t know anything about the bike since it was stolen. You should be suspicious.


Verify the Seller


You should search the address or phone number of the seller for any other listings if you are suspicious about the ad. Be aware if you find any suspicious listings.


You can also research the seller to determine if he is trustworthy. You can find out more about the seller by searching Google, Instagram, and Facebook. You can learn more about him by looking at Instagram, Google, and Facebook. Also, find out if he has ever sold stolen bikes.


The Serial is available here:


You can contact the seller by phone or email to get the serial number before meeting with him. Most serial numbers are located under the frame’s bottom bracket shell. Remember, a bike cannot be shipped without a serial number. If your seller doesn’t give you one, be suspicious.


Take a look at the bike:


You can meet the seller if you find anything suspicious about the bike. You should verify that the bike in front of you is the one that was advertised online.


Follow your instincts and match the information on the ads. Although most sellers are honest, it is possible to suspect that they may have a hidden agenda. Right?


You can check the VIN of your Dirt Bike.


A dirt bike’s VIN is a 17-digit code, and this number can be used to determine if the dirt bike has been stolen. Ask the seller for this number.


The VIN also provides you with a lot of useful information about your dirt bike, such as its age, purchase location, theft history, and so on.


You can also check the VIN on or motorbike These websites allow you to export all data related to your bike easily.


Does insurance cover stolen dirt bikes?


Dirt bike insurance provides more than just liability coverage for damage to your bike or if it is stolen.


Is it safe to purchase a dirt bike with no title?


While it is legal to sell and buy Powersports toys, purchasing a regular vehicle without a title is illegal. A motorcycle without a title is almost always a bad idea. You can protect yourself by asking the seller for the VIN of the bike and running a check.


How likely is it that a motorcycle stolen will be recovered?


The National Insurance Crime Bureau stated that you had a 46% chance of returning your motorcycle in 2019. The police did a great job!


This is just a small sample of the over 40,000 motorbike burglaries.


Information for 2020 is still unknown. We don’t have any good news, judging by the auto theft report.


Which motorcycle is most frequently stolen?


According to the NICB 2019, Harley Davidson, Suzuki, and Yamaha were the top five stolen motorcycles.


These bikes are traditionally the most attractive to thieves. They were identical in 2018 and 2017, slightly changing their order.


The best chance of stealing a bike from a bike thief was in California, Florida, and Texas.


Despite this, motorcycle thefts declined in 2018 and 2019. As of the writing, the NICB has not released data on motorcycle thefts for 2020, and we don’t know if this follows the positive trend present in previous years.


They recently published a preliminary investigation of auto thefts in 2020. The picture doesn’t look good. The number of vehicle thefts in America rose to 870,000 after a steady decline over the past two years, similar to the rate of motorcycle thefts. The pandemic seems to have brought out the worst in us.


We don’t think motorcycle thefts will drop because they are easy to steal.


What are the Common Problems with Stolen Dirt Bikes?


Below are some common problems you may face.

  1. First, the police will seize your bike and return it to the owner or insurance company. The rule of thumb is that stolen goods remain the property of their original owners.
  2. If you are knowingly a buyer of the stolen bicycle, you could be charged with using stolen goods. You may be charged by the original owner or insurance company for using the bike. It’s unfair, right? You did something wrong by using it even though it was not yours. You may also be compensated if they or their insurance company notice any depreciation from your use of the bike.
  3. This situation can only be avoided if you provide a signed document between you and your seller. You can sue the seller to recover your losses. This is difficult if the seller is not known to you, or he only gives you his number but is now gone.


Is it illegal to buy a stolen bike?


It is illegal, and you will be taken into police custody or charged with theft immediately after they stop you for investigation. It is illegal to keep it.


What to do if you find a stolen bike?


These are the steps to follow after you find a stolen bicycle:


  • Notify the police immediately about the theft and give them as many details as possible.
  • Report theft on well-known sites
  • Inform your community about theft.
  • Post it on your social media networks to let others know about the theft.


Is it possible to call the police for a stolen bike?


Yes. If your bike is stolen, you should call the police immediately and file a report.


Is it possible to go to jail for stealing property?


It is a crime to buy or receive stolen property, such as a bicycle. Even if the bike is more than $950, you can go to jail for up to a year.


Where are stolen dirt bikes sold?


Many thieves sell stolen bikes via sites like eBay, Gumtree, and Craigslist. These sites have listings that will help you find stolen bikes.


What happens if you unknowingly buy a stolen bike?


Even if you don’t know that you bought a stolen bicycle, you could be charged with property theft. You won’t have the original paperwork for your bike to show to the police. You will be charged for the cost of replacing your bike.


How many bikes are stolen each year?


According to a statistic, more than 188,500 bikes are stolen in the United States each year. You will be surprised at the unreported thefts of dirt bikes.




It is important to secure and keep your dirt bike safe. Here are 20 tips to secure your dirt bike. Remember all the tips that we have discussed today. Thank you for riding, until next time.

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