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Whoops, Shit, Sorry

Whoops, Shit, Sorry

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Oh man… you ever had one of those days?


A quick apology to our subscribers for the weird arse latin emails overnight!


We’ve been working away on a new design for the site if you may have noticed, and after importing some demo content the subscriber automation went off the wall and sent you all demo content notifications. Just delete them.


Our apologies for this! Don’t Panic. You have not been hacked (nor have we).


Hopefully (once we fix it up!) you like the new look site with more focus on content and photography and stick around to enjoy the ride with us.




Dan & Steve


Daily Bikers (not in Latin)

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Jim D. Smith
Biker and content writer at Daily Bikers Blog. Addicted to Bikes, aviation, fragrances, sushi and tacos.
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